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RUSH: Let’s start here with the fake news, because there’s a lot of it out there today. I had a story, I was talking to the vice president yesterday on the program, and I told him that I had a list of stories, 30 fake news stories, 30 out-and-out lies in just the last five days, and that was yesterday. And, of course, we add more to them today. And it’s always a bit of a fun challenge to determine where to start with the fake news on each and every day.

How about the AP report that Trump threatened the president of Mexico? The AP reported that Trump called the president of Mexico and said, “Look, if you don’t take care of those bad hombres down there that you’ve got, we’re gonna send in the American military to do it.” The AP claimed that Trump told the Mexican president Enrique Pena Nieto that if he didn’t take care of the bad hombres down there that we would send in the US military. The Washington Post and others in the Drive-Bys ran with the AP story.

Even the AP story, if you read deep enough down there, the article admitted that Mexico denied that version of events. It doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter, ’cause the president of Mexico is not a credible source. He was on the call, but his sourcing is not credible if he doesn’t go along with the primary narrative of the story. The narrative is that Trump got on the phone, bullied the president of Mexico and threatened to send troops to get rid of bad hombres. The head honcho Mexico said, “No, no, no, didn’t happen,” but they say we can’t count on this guy as a source.

Even the foremost purveyor of fake news, CNN, and they are. I don’t think there’s anybody even close to CNN in terms of fake news. Maybe BuzzFeed running a close second, but, man, they’re all tightly bunched in there. But CNN clearly leading the pack in fake news. They even called the AP out on their report. Even CNN, the primary purveyors of fake news, questioned the AP report that Trump called the president of Mexico and said we’re sending the troops in if you don’t get rid bad hombres down there.

CNN said that the readout of the call that they saw showed that Trump was offering aid, not making threats. He was offering to help the president of Mexico get rid of the bad hombres they’ve got down there. That’s a huge difference. You know how many people ran with the fake story? How many of people believe that Trump was on the phone with the president of Mexico today and threatened him, threatened to send troops? Many of you are probably going, “Right on!” and you’re disappointed it isn’t true. Right? Many of you are probably thinking, “That’s right, we need to send the military down there and clean that place out.” And now you’re finding out it isn’t true and disappointed.

And then Australia. This is a big one. The first thing you have to understand, the current prime minister of Australia is practically a carbon copy clone of the new left-wing child socialist in Canada, what’s his name, Trudeau? Justin Trudeau. Yeah, the guy in Australia is a little older than Justin Trudeau, but he’s still a wacko leftist. And the Drive-By Media are having conniptions over Trump’s phone call to the Australian prime minister. His name is Malcolm Turnbull.

Now, in this call Trump supposedly denounced as dumb the deal that Obama had struck where the United States would trade some illegal aliens from Central America for the 1,200 refugees from Iran and Iraq and Afghanistan, refugees that Australia will not let into their country. What this is really all about is that there’s central American refugees and Australia won’t let ’em in.

Australia won’t let ’em in, they send them here, and Trump said to hell with that and even addressed this at the prayer breakfast today, telling people our country is under assault. There are people taking advantage of our country, and it’s gonna stop. And he said, “I don’t want you to be nervous what you hear about these calls.” And he’s talking about these two news reports about the phone calls he had with these two leaders in Australia and Mexico. And he was calming, he was comforting.


RUSH: Australia business. Australia has been under intense pressure from its citizens to not allow immigrants into their country. This is something that you’ll not know if all you’re reading today is the story about Trump’s phone call to the Australian prime minister. But the citizens of Australia don’t want any part of these worldwide refugees and illegal immigrants because they have been flooded with boat people, many of them coming from Muslim Indonesia.

“Australia’s two leading political parties, the ruling Liberal-National coalition and the Labor opposition,” both of Australia’s main parties, “both support tough asylum policies.” They have a coalition government there, and it “made Australia’s asylum policy even tougher when it took power in 2013,” 3-1/2 years ago, “introducing Operation Sovereign Borders, which put the military in control of asylum operations” in Australia. You think what’s happening here is strange? In Australia, they dead serious.

They don’t want any part of it. They don’t want any of these boat people refugees from Islamic nations and Indonesia, they don’t want Central American refugees, they don’t want illegal immigration. They’ve seen what’s happened to Europe. They see what’s happening the United States. They don’t want any part of it. As such, there’s an agreement. Obama had an agreement with Australia. “Okay, whoever you don’t want, send it to the United States.” Did you know that, folks? Obama had an agreement with Australia.

“Fine, if you don’t want the Muslims from Indonesia — if you don’t want the boat people from Central America or wherever else they’re from — then send them to the United States. We’ll take some of them.” “The government” of Australia… I’m nick of time here, but, “The government says its policies have restored the integrity of its borders…” Even if asylum seekers are found to be actual refugees, they’re not allowed to be settled in Australia. They’re sent to an offshore processing center. What Obama said is, “Go ahead and send them here!” And that’s what Trump’s objecting to. We’re not just gonna keep our borders open. I mean, the rest of the nations of the world cannot dump their problems on us.

That’s all he’s saying, exactly what he said he would do during the campaign.


RUSH: Let me give a slight correction on this Australia business. I want to get this battened down exactly what happened, here. It’s very close, but it here’s what really happened. Obama was trading people from Central America for 1500 or so Muslim refugees from Iran and Iraq and Afghanistan that were languishing in Australia, essentially in New Guinea.

So Obama agreed to take the militant Islamist refugees off of Australia’s hands in exchange for trading 1500 or so (well, I don’t know what the number was, but) people from Central America. So Australia got to choose. They said, “We don’t want militant Islamists here. I mean, we’ll help you out on the refugee side, but we don’t want any militant Islamists.” Obama said, “Fine. We will take the militant Islamists.” And that’s why Trump is saying, “The rest of the world doesn’t get to decide what it wants to do and then we pick up the pieces.”

This all raises the question, why would Australia be willing to take peaceful — so-called peaceful — Central American refugees but not those from Muslim countries? I mean, who are the real Islamophobes here? It isn’t Trump! Trump is just doing what he said he was gonna do in the campaign, and that is defend and protect this country and make sure the other nations of the world do not take advantage of us. Anyway, McCain fell for the fake news side of this and called the Australian ambassador and said (impression), “It’s not a big deal. I’ll fix it. Don’t worry about it.”


RUSH: We have Brenda here from Nashville, Tennessee. She’s Australian. It’s great to have you with us, Brenda. How are you doing?

CALLER: Hi. Thanks. Love your show. I just wanted to elaborate on the immigration situation in Australia.

RUSH: Sure.

CALLER: Australia is very multicultural. So many Asian, particularly Indian and various cultures in our nation now. Australia is accepting of immigration but the big issue dividing Australia is illegal refugee immigration.

RUSH: Mmm-hmm!

CALLER: Our borders being the ocean, Indonesia was our main problem there because it was not illegal by their country to have people trafficking. So a lot of people were making money out of boatloads of people coming over from Middle Eastern countries and whatever. Even a lot of businesspeople were tearing up their passports and coming through, you know, from very dangerous Middle Eastern countries. Some of them died at sea and the Australian Navy tried to keep some at bay. But we had a very liberal government for a while that took them in, and we also have an island near Australia — one of our neighbors — called Nauru, which is what became a settlement for the refugees, and like a motel kind of set up. But it became overpopulated and they got angry that they weren’t being processed enough to come in and get our free medical and, you know (cell breaking up).

RUSH: Right. But this guy was an ally of Obama, correct?

CALLER: Yep. The previous governments, both of them. Gillard was a good friend of Obama, seen playing ball with him at the White House, and that government — the Labor government — was very pro-Obama, very good friends with Obama, and were more leaning toward socialist in their attitude, more liberal. The new government is much more… The Liberal government — which is reversed, is our Conservative Party. And what happened is the United Nations — which see made up of a lot of little African countries anyway — decreed that we divide and send some of these people to various countries, and Obama accepted that, that they take a small percentage of these thousands. So 2,000 or whatever it was is a small amount. But the problem is, who knows who these people are? They haven’t been vetted or processed.

RUSH: Exactly.

CALLER: Of course we’re getting stricter now with new government. They’re now going over to… One particular woman said to the doctor she’s going over to Holland where they have free education for the children. She’s gonna come in as a Syrian refugee there.

RUSH: Brenda I hate… I don’t mean to be rude but I’m out of time, I have to stop you because I’m so glad you called because this is evidence. She is Australian, understands. Where this story is going is Obama had an agreement, he would take — it was about 1500 or so in one instance of the most dangerous militant Islamists in exchange for the Australians taking the Central American refugees which were harmless, which opens up a whole bunch of questions. That’s what Trump is shutting down, by the way.


RUSH: Here is the truth, just a little bit of time here on the Trump call to the president of Mexico. This all ended up being largely fake news. This was historically reported by the Associated Press as Donald Trump threatening in a phone call with the Mexican president, that unless the Mexican military did more to control the bad hombres down there, that Trump was gonna send U.S. troops in there to fix the problem and to control it.

The story did not contain anything to do with Pena Nieto’s response. The report also said that Trump hung up, was supposed to go for a little bit longer than it did, Trump hung up on the guy. The Mexican government said that the AP account was not accurate, but that didn’t stop the AP from running with the story, and it didn’t stop other outlets like the Washington Post from picking it up as well.

“You have a bunch of bad hombres down there,” Trump told the chairman of Mexico. “And you aren’t doing enough to stop ’em. I think your military’s scared. Our military isn’t, so I just might send ’em down there to take care of it.” A person with access to the official transcript of the phone call provided only that portion of the conversation to the AP. The person gave it on condition of anonymity because the administration didn’t make the details of the call public.

Well, then it was leaked. If the administration didn’t make the call public, the details, how does anybody know it? Somebody had to leak it, and that’s probably somebody at the State Department. It’s just somebody else that Trump needs to clear out of there. An anonymous source provides false information, i.e., fake news, about a Trump phone call with the president of Mexico and supposedly the transcript, a transcript that CNN, the purveyors — I mean, the king of the hill of fake news, even CNN says that it isn’t true.

Mexico’s foreign relations department denied the AP account saying it’s based on absolute falsehoods, and later said that the statement also applied to the excerpt provided to the AP. The assertions that you make about said conversation do not correspond to the reality of it, the statement said. Anyway, it’s more fake news. And it’s designed to make Trump look like a fool or like a bully, or he’s just unequipped, you know, just ill-equipped for the job. The guy doesn’t understand how to speak diplomatically, bull in a china shop, this guy’s gonna get us in real trouble. And of course these fake stories then result in people taking action, like McCain.

After the misreported thing about Australia, McCain gets hold of the Australian ambassador to the United States and essentially — he doesn’t go so far as to apologize, but it’s kind of like when Ted Kennedy would call whoever was running the Soviet Union during the eighties and ask ’em to be patient, Reagan was kind of a novice, admittedly dangerous, didn’t know what he was doing, but Ted Kennedy would tell Andropov or Brezhnev, “Be cool, be cool, we got it under control, we got Reagan hemmed in.”

This is what McCain was essentially trying to comfort the Australians by saying (imitating McCain), “Look, this guy’s not quite all there, but don’t sweat it because there isn’t gonna be drastic action, it’s okay. The United States is still a big ally of Australia.”

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