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RUSH: You know, this Berkeley business and Milo Yiannopoulos, the editor at Breitbart, openly gay, gay conservative, challenges political correctness from college campus to college campus.

There’s two schools of thought on what is happening. One of the schools of thought is that the students at these universities, Berkeley being the most recent, they are just so scared, so frightened of anybody showing up that is going to say anything that they don’t agree with, makes ’em really frightened. That they go bonkers, and they start burning down buildings and destroying property and trying to injure people in order to show their dissatisfaction over this guy coming to campus to make a speech.

The other school of thought is that this really isn’t student centered, that it is professional rent-a-mob focused bought and paid for by leftist organizations and that the real protesters are not students, that they are black-clad, wear masks or other kind of paraphernalia on their faces to hide their identity. They show up with explosives and bricks and bombs. They let the students get the so-called protest started, and then the real rioters show up and start doing all the property damage.

And it wouldn’t matter who was showing up, whenever the students object to anything, the professional rioters get in gear, and then they call it a protest, you know, free speech. It’s the antithesis of free speech when somebody’s not allowed to speak because the audience doesn’t want to hear it.

But folks, it isn’t new. This kind of activity, people wring their hands over it, but it happened in the sixties. It happened with the Students for a Democratic Society. It happened when Reagan was governor of California. He even met with these people. It happened at Berkeley, and there was property damage. There were riots.

The difference then and now is only one arrest. There was serious property damage last night and a considerable threat to innocent people, and only one person was arrested. As long as that’s the case, there isn’t gonna be any deterrence to this. These people are still the losers. They lost in November; they have been losing, even through the eight years of Obama, they have been losing. The Democrat Party, which is their vessel, has been losing significantly.

And what’s on display every day, I mean, they can act like children all day long and they can destroy the — I mean, these students are destroying their school. They’re destroying and doing damage where they go to college. They’re inflicting all of this damage on themselves, in a sense. What has to be obvious to them is that it’s not making a difference. It’s not stopping Donald Trump. It’s not changing the outcome of the election, and everything they’re doing adds up to nothing, because it isn’t changing anything.

Yeah, they might keep Milo Yiannopoulos off campus, but it’s not stopping Donald Trump, and it’s not stopping Milo Yiannopoulos. He will just go someplace else, or say what he was gonna say on the Breitbart website. Milo probably loves it, all the notoriety, the attention. To be able to cause this kind of havoc, big feather in your cap.

But at the end of the day I think what’s driving the Democrat Party and the American left crazy is that what they’re doing doesn’t matter. They lost. They really are not affecting any change, nor are they stopping any. They’re not even changing public opinion. Public opinion is still majority for Trump in what he’s doing. The Democrat Party can’t stop anybody. The Democrat Party can’t stop any of Trump’s nominees. The Democrat Party cannot stop or interrupt any of Trump’s policies. That has to dawn on ’em.

Hollywood celebrities are literally bat excrement, folks. They’ve always been mindless, but it’s on full display now. Some of the things that Hollywood celebrities are tweeting out and saying, I mean, it is genuine special kind of stupid that’s on display for everybody to see now. It’s not just ignorance. It is genuine stupidity, from Chelsea Handler to Sophia Bush of Chicago PD to what’s-her-face, Lena Dunham’s always been off her rocker. Lena Dunham’s never been right.

You just go down the list of any of them, and they’re genuinely dumb. They are dumb and stupid and they haven’t the slightest idea what they’re talking about. And they haven’t the slightest idea who Barack Obama really was. They don’t have the slightest idea what Barack Obama was really doing. They live in a make-believe world where, when people who they think think like them are in power, then everything is utopian. Whether it is or isn’t, they don’t care to examine it.

If like-minded people are in power, then it has to be blissful, it has to be wonderful. They’re not even aware of what Obama was destroying. They’re not aware of the damage Obama was doing. They’re not aware of anything. And it’s embarrassing. It literally is embarrassing that we have, in this country, this much concentrated stupidity and idiocy that is willing to put it all on display. They’re so stupid and so ignorant, they don’t even know how stupid and ignorant they are, which of course kind of makes sense. If you’re dumb, you’re dumb.

They don’t have any proper education. But of course in their minds they are the smartest and the best and the brightest and the most aware and the kindest and the most compassionate. It’s gotta be blowing their minds. It’s just gotta be destroying them. They lost. They can’t come to grips with it. The techniques that they’ve used in the past to intimidate and bully people into laying down and quitting and going away are not working on this administration.

And, because of that, they’re not working on the Republican Party, yet. And so it’s all for naught. And they end up destroying their own houses. They end up destroying their own institutions. Berkeley is one of their institutions, one of their precious universities, and they’re destroying it. They’re not destroying Trump’s house. They’re not destroying the White House. It’s the most amazing thing to see.

And with each passing day I think there’s a bit more revelation. Every passing day they realize just a little bit more how totally ineffective and irrelevant they are. It makes ’em go even battier and they become even more unhinged. But if you don’t have any historical perspective beyond the day you were born, I can’t blame you for thinking, “My God, we’re losing the country, it’s unraveling.”

That isn’t what’s happening. What’s happening, folks, is we’re reclaiming the country. What’s happening is the country is being refocused. The direction of the country’s being changed, and it is being reclaimed from the left that wanted to destroy it, as founded, who wanted to transform it, as founded.

What you’re seeing is a bunch of people taking their country back from people who thought they already had succeeded in transforming it. They thought that the opportunity to take this country back, to reclaim it, was gone. We, you and I, had been defeated. You and I were in a minority. You and I were not able to stop them. The reality is, they can’t hold on to what they did. They’re desperately trying to. The point here is that this is going to be daily, and Trump addressed it at the prayer breakfast today. This is what it looks like.

It was never going to be peaceful. The left was never going to say, “You know what? You won. It was a great, great fight, and we have all the respect in the world for you, and we’re gonna continue our efforts to transform America, but you won.” It’s never gonna be like that. It was never gonna be them acknowledging or respecting us or the opponents. It’s always gonna look like this. Trump better start firing more people in the federal government, folks. Sally Yates is not the only one there trying to undermine him.

Somebody’s leaking these transcripts of his phone calls and then lying about what he’s saying to the president of Mexico or the prime minister of Australia. One of the best ways, one of the fastest ways to get rid of this left-wing deadweight would be just have a policy to cut the federal government by 20%. Twenty percent across the board. Whack, whack, whack, whack, whack! Just do it. But I would speed up the timetable of getting rid every Obama and Clinton appointee that’s still in positions where you can fire ’em. Just do it!

And even when you do, this stuff is gonna continue. You have to hang in, folks. So far, you are. Every bit of data — polling data and otherwise — indicates you have not lost spirit. You’ve not lost your conviction, your courage. You’re still supporting Trump. This is what reclaiming your government and your country means. This is what it looks like. Taking our country back? This is what it looks like. So just steel yourselves. And if you ever have any doubts, if you ever have any questions — if you ever are, perhaps, losing your resolve — you make sure you are here every day.


RUSH: Folks, are you aware the Democrats walked out of Congress to protest Abraham Lincoln? Did you know that? You didn’t know that. I’m not surprised. I mean, most people don’t. The Democrats walked out of Congress to protest Abraham Lincoln. They were afraid to lose their slaves, and they hated Lincoln. They just despised Lincoln, so they walked out, and it ended up being great for Republicans. They were able to do all kinds of things with no opposition. Let them walk out. I don’t know…

Judd Apatow is some worthless, irrelevant actor who doesn’t know it, so he keeps tweeting things, and he tweeted something to that effect that the Berkeley riots are just beginning, adding, “When will all the fools still supporting Trump realize what’s at stake?” Mr. Apatow (whoever he is) is one of these people that still hasn’t come to grips with what happened to him and his side. When will the fools in Hollywood realize that they lost and that there’s nothing they can do about it, and that all they’re doing is making fools of themselves — and, by the way, probably inflicting great damage on future box office?


RUSH: Donald Trump tweeted at 6:13 this morning: “If UC Berkeley does not allow free speech and practices violence on innocent people with a different point of view — NO FEDERAL FUNDS?” I mean, that hits ’em right in the breadbasket. I mean, that’s right in the cauliflower there, folks. These people can’t survive without their federal funding, without their subsidies. I looked it up. I have the numbers here in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers. The UC Berkeley’s website brags, “Each year, the UC Berkeley campus receives well over half a billion dollars in research and other support from external sources.”

Of that half a billion dollars, “The federal government provided 55% of these funds, and California state agencies and other government sources, industry, and the nonprofit sector supplied the rest.” So we’re basically looking at $370 million a year the federal government gives Berkeley. Just yank it! Only one arrest. You’ve seen the video? There were fires, property damage. Why do these people…? By the way, somebody needs to explain something. I got an email with a great question.

Why do these crazed leftists — every time they do this — destroy a Starbucks? Isn’t Starbucks their home away from home? Isn’t Starbucks the quintessential liberal hangout? Why do they destroy…? I mean, they literally destroy the Starbucks. I just saw the photo. It doesn’t exist. I mean, it exists, but you can’t go in there. The front’s off, the glass is blown out, the tables are a wreck. (interruption) You have a theory why they destroy Starbucks? (interruption) Mmm-hmm. Mmm-hmm. Mmmm-hmm. (interruption)

Oh, they’re upset because Starbucks is “corporatist”? (interruption) Globalist and corporatist? Well, that makes sense. Well, I mean, they are. I mean, this Howard Schultz guy, he’s always at Davos. He’s with the globalists. He’s in there. But he’s also for every liberal cause under the sun, including immigration.


RUSH: Here’s Bill in San Diego. Bill, great to have you. I’m glad you waited.

CALLER: (garbled cell connection) Hey, Rush. Just have a question. Do the police want to arrest the rioters, the protesters that turn into a riot? Because you’d think by now they’d have some kind of strategy. Maybe like the dye packs they use for banks that explode. They shoot off some dye packs into the crowd where they’re doing the riots. It paints them and they’re able to extract them later and charge them. Because you don’t see that. Also, ’cause we’re busy working in your audience and you watch cable news, what was the response of the Democrats with all the national media going to them asking them if they’re going denounce their supporters and what they’re gonna do to stop it?

RUSH: Wait a minute. I’ve got a bad phone connection here. What was the last thing you said? What…? Since I can’t see what’s on TV, what’s the response of the Democrats, national media, asking them if they’re gonna denounce their supporters? What’s that about?

CALLER: Well, because they go to Trump and ask him if he’s gonna stop his supporters from doing violence, which was the Democrats paying for it. Did they go to the Democrats and ask them to denounce their supporters?

RUSH: Oh, you’re talking about during the campaign. Oh, okay. So during the campaign they went to Trump and said, “Hey, Trump, when are you gonna stop your mad supporters from ripping things up?” It turns out it wasn’t Trump supporters doing it. They were Hillary campaign activists. This has been documented to be true. Project Veritas video uncovered Robert Creamer, husband of Jan Schakowsky, congresswoman, Illinois, working for Hillary Clinton’s campaign admitting that he hired for $1500 a person people to show up at Trump rallies and cause violence.

But the media did ask Trump, “Well, when are you gonna shut down your people? When are you gonna tell people to stop violence?” So he’s asking here, “When are the Democrats gonna tell these people in Berkeley to stop it?” It’s a great question. They’re not gonna tell ’em to stop it. They are encouraging it! Folks, do you think Obama might have something to do with this? I’m not saying per se because this stuff has been going on for time immemorial, but it was just last week that Barack Hussein O issues a statement encouraging people who are protesting, encouraging the opposition.

This is the guy who said, “They bring a knife to a fight, we bring a gun,” or something like that. Yeah, I think Obama has tacitly encouraged this kind of stuff, and not just last week, but during his entire Regime. What are we talking about? We’re talking Berkeley. You know what happened across the Bay at San Francisco, San Francisco City? The San Francisco Police Department told ICE and the FBI (paraphrased), “Screw you! We are not capturing illegal aliens using San Francisco as sanctuary.” The police department!

Not the mayor. Not the city council. The San Francisco cops told ICE, if I have this right. I saw this this morning. If I’m wrong about this, I can get this corrected before the program’s over, but I’m sure I saw this, that it was the police department specifically telling some federal law enforcement agency that they were not going to try to apprehend people violating the sanctuary city law. These leftists… You have to understand out there, Bill, the leftists have strategically placed themselves in countless places in countless bureaucracies, including fire departments and police departments and in every other avenue of bureaucracy that you can think.

They’re everywhere. It’s been a tactic, it’s been a strategy, to be put into positions in the bureaucracy where you can’t be voted out because you’re not voted in. You are a career appointee per se. The training occurs at many top-flight universities, including in the Ivy League. But your idea of paint dye on all the protesters to be able to identify them later? Just round ’em up at the time. They’re all there!

Just grab the paddy wagons and round ’em up and arrest them. I mean, this is clear. This is… These are not misdemeanors these people are engaging in; it’s pure felony. This is property destruction. This is wanton attempt to maim and injure. You know, this isn’t just idly marching down the street and throwing chewing gum at people and spitballs. There was only one arrest at this whole thing in Berkeley.

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