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RUSH: Look, I know Mike Pence was here on Wednesday. He did the first radio interview after the Supreme Court nominee was named, Neil Gorsuch, who, by the way… There’s another bit of fake news. I don’t know if you saw this or not, but all day yesterday the Drive-Bys were breathlessly reporting that Gorsuch had headed up, in prep school, a pro-fascist club. Had you heard that? It turns out to be totally made up. It was totally fake.

What happened was that it was, in I think one of the yearbooks, some sophomore wrote descriptions of people. And Gorsuch was, by all measure, the most conservative guy in his prep school, and they were jamming him by writing that he was heading up the fascist club. You know, the Drive-Bys get this stuff and they don’t mention any context whatsoever, and they do this stuff on purpose. They lie and make this stuff up on purpose, knowing that it’s gonna be very, very difficult to catch up and get the truth applied to these things.

I don’t know how much damage, if any, was done by this, because Gorsuch is gonna get confirmed. But I mean who would believe it in the first place?

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