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So now we’re seeing leftists take to the streets, vandalizing property, committing arson, and assaulting people they assume are Pro-Trump.

What we have not seen are elected Democrats lecturing their unglued leftist base on the virtues of civility. We haven’t seen condemnations in the Drive-By Media. In fact, media coverage downplays the violence.

Meanwhile, liberal entertainers are ramping up their smash-mouth talk. At the big “pink” march — the day after the inauguration — Madonna proudly announced her fantasy of wanting to blow up the White House.

Next came liberal comedian Sarah Silverman. As the riots were underway in Berkeley, she tweeted: “Wake up and join the resistance. Once the military is with us — fascists get overthrown. Mad King [Trump] and his handlers go bye-bye.” She was calling for a coup it sounds like, which will supposedly happen when the military comes to their senses and joins the anti-Trump brigades like Sarah Silverman.

It used to be when angry progressive women, like Barbra Streisand and Cher, pouted about election results — they threatened to leave the country. This generation isn’t going anywhere. Instead, they want the military — which they despise — to join them in a coup. They want to blow up the White House.

I guess it’s time to say to these angry progressive gals: You’ve come a long way, baby, and you’re heading straight downhill. I hope you’re proud because you’re making absolute fools of yourselves.

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