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RUSH: This is Gloria in Aptos, California. Hi. I’m glad you called.

CALLER: Good morning, Rush. Thank you very much for taking my call. I’m very honored to be talking to you.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: Just wanted to call to let you know I’m a 66-year-old Hispanic woman —  who — you have turned my world around.

RUSH: Wow.

CALLER: I mean, I’ve been unemployed since the end of last year, and I listen to you all the time, and I just want to thank you for simplifying everything that’s going on around us. And I wanted to also make a comment about the Patriots that you were talking earlier about how they were saying they have a 1% chance of winning and then they have a half a percent chance of winning, and then they turned around and kicked butt just like Trump did in the election. So I just wanted to call and say thank you.

RUSH: Well, I appreciate that. You know, I really do. The fact that you said that I’ve made this understandable for you, because that is one of my objectives. When I say that I try to make the complex understandable, I mean, it. I’m not just trying to turn a phrase. And I really appreciate you saying that. It encourages me to continue.

You know, at this stage I don’t get much feedback, folks. I get hardly any, other than from callers who call things. No, no, no, it’s not a complaint. I’m just telling you. “After 29 years, what feedback do you need? What are you, insecure?” No, no, no. That’s just how much I appreciate her saying so.

You always want to know that it works specifically, you know, beyond having good ratings, good numbers, unlike Schwarzenegger. You want to have good ratings and high numbers, and you want to know that the techniques and the objectives are working. So I really appreciate that, Gloria. Thanks very much. That whole half a percent chance to win, 1% chance to win, it was ridiculous on election night, too.

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