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RUSH: The New York Post has an editorial today: “Delaying Trump’s Tax Cuts is a Huge Risk.” This is a big deal to people. There’s news out there today that Trump said Obamacare might not be repealed until next year, 2018, and people are getting nervous. I know people that voted for Trump who voted for Trump not because of trade deals, not because of NAFTA and not because of vetting of the bad people. They voted Trump ’cause they want tax cuts, corporate and personal, and they want Obamacare repealed. And they’re not hearing much about it and they’re not seeing anything on it and they’re getting nervous. And the New York Post apparently is.

So what I thought I’d do, I wanted to go back and the Reagan tax cuts are the model. Reagan took office in January, 1981. The first phase of Reagan tax cuts passed Congress August 4th, 1981, it took eight months. They were signed into law on August 13th. The Bush tax cuts — you know he had some, too — they were passed by Congress May 23rd, 2001, signed by Bush on June the 7th. We think Trump’s moving slow, but not according to history. Obamacare, that’s another thing. Republicans, it’s clear they still don’t want to touch it.

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