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RUSH: So I’m doing my show prep today, and I see this picture of Obama. Have you seen this? He’s out there wind surfing down in the British Virgin Islands on a private island owned by Sir Richard Branson of Virgin Airlines. And, honestly, when I saw the picture, I thought — before I knew anything about it, I thought it was a picture of a woman getting ready to water-ski or do something out there on the ocean. And then I saw the caption and it says Obama, and I said, “What?”

When you look at this picture, the way the helmet looks like it’s a female with long black hair. I mean, everything about it, I was stunned.

And then I remembered the mom jeans, throwing out the first pitch at the Washington National — I know we’re not supposed to observe such things and I know we’re not supposed to comment on such things, but I couldn’t help it. I was literally shocked when they told me that it was Barack Hussein Obama in this photo. You can see it. It’s up there at DrudgeReport.com.

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