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RUSH: I got an idea. Mr. Snerdley, could Trump maybe get rid of some of this tension that he’s facing from the left over his relationship with Putin if he simply, you know, scheduled a meeting with Putin? Trump could call Putin over there in the Kremlin and say, “Let’s get together,” and he takes with him a little plastic red thing that he says is a reset button. And he goes over there and has a meeting with Putin and says, “Let’s reset the relationship. Let’s jointly press the reset button.”

And then Trump says to Putin, “If you’ll just be patient while I work my way through my honeymoon period here, find my feet with the Democrat opposition, I’ll have a lot more flexibility after I have succeeded in tamping down some of my Democrat opposition.” Do you think the media and the Democrats would say, “Okay, now we’re talking. Now we’ve got a productive relationship with the Russians going.” Do you think they would? Well, why not?

I mean, that’s exactly what Hillary Clinton did when she became secretary of state. She scheduled a meeting with the Kremlin, she had a plastic little red button. I mean, it literally looked like it was made with duct tape, maybe one of those science projects by Ahmed Eichenwald, whatever his name was, Clock Boy. It was a cheap looking little red reset button, and the media hailed Hillary Clinton, “Wow, we’re getting off to a brand-new start with the Russians and with Putin.”

And then later in his administration Obama asked Dmitry Medvedev, one of the chief advisers to Putin, he said, “You tell Vlad that after I’m reelected –” this is 2012 “– I’ll have all the more flexibility in getting rid of nuclear weapons.” What if Trump were simply to replicate what the Democrats did with Putin? You think he could erase all this bad stuff and get in a fresh new start? I kind of doubt it. That’s sort of why I asked the question.


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