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RUSH: Yvette, Toledo, Ohio. I’m glad you waited. You’re next here on the EIB Network. Hi.


RUSH: Hey!

CALLER: I have to read this to you because I’m so nervous. Okay, I live in Ohio, but I am a tribal member of the Standing Rock reservation tribe.

RUSH: Wait, wait, wait. Which tribe?

CALLER: The Standing Rock, where they’re trying to put the pipeline through in North Dakota.

RUSH: Oh, oh, okay, got you, got you.

CALLER: It’s on North and South Dakota, the reservation is.

RUSH: I understand.

CALLER: I own a small parcel of land which is leased for grazing and I am thankful to be Native American. I didn’t do anything to deserve that. You know, my mother married an Indian man. But what I want to say is not all Native Americans are against the pipeline. I think they should just put it through, and I have a reason for that.

RUSH: Well, this is, again, another example where the left or the Democrat Party, however you want to characterize it, tries to make it look like everybody agrees with whatever it is they want, in this case no pipeline, so they try to make it look like everybody, every Native American.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: By the way, you all hate the name Washington Redskins, too, and you all don’t want that pipeline, every one of you. That is the image they try to convey.

CALLER: Right. One thing that maybe people don’t know is that, see, I own that small parcel of land and it’s been leased for grazing for a long time. But last year I was offered money from a petroleum company, and they’ve been looking for minerals on that property that’s owned by all these people for a while. Last year they offered me a large sum of money for it, and of course I said, “No, thank you.” So they’re looking for minerals on the reservation, and at the same time they want to find minerals which will give them money and at the same time they don’t want them to put the pipeline through.

RUSH: Wait a minute. Why did you say “no” to the petroleum company?

CALLER: Because I thought if it’s worth that much, they want that piece of property, they’re looking for minerals. It didn’t cost me anything. I’m just gonna hang onto it —

RUSH: Oh, ’cause you think the price is gonna keep going up?

CALLER: Yeah. And if they find minerals, if they find petroleum on that property, I am a co-owner.

RUSH: Well, that’s true. That’s true. But your point is that you’re not opposed to the pipeline?


RUSH: The pipeline doesn’t cross any tribal land anyway.

CALLER: No, it doesn’t. I have several relatives that will be mad at me for talking to you about this, but from what I’ve read on Facebook, on the articles they put on Facebook, it’s not even a confirmed sacred ground. They think it may be sacred ground. It’s ridiculous.

RUSH: I know.

CALLER: Kind of embarrassing.

RUSH: Look, if people understand liberalism, every bit of this would make sense, but they confuse it by using terms that maybe only are relatable or understandable to Native Americans and that makes it sound like it’s really exclusive and unique —

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: — and a special set of circumstance, when this is just a bunch of liberals and it’s the way they do things. And a lot of owners of tribal land are making money by selling the mineral rights, right? You’re not just the only one.

CALLER: Hm-hm. I figure it’s not gonna hurt to hang onto it.

RUSH: No. Of course it’s not. But the point is you’re also not opposed to the pipeline?

CALLER: Right. There are pipelines all over the country. They don’t hurt anything.


CALLER: It’s better than a bunch of trucks coming through, a bunch of semis coming through or trainloads of petroleum.

RUSH: Exactly right. Much greater risk, that’s the real thing here. You know who owns the trains that people suggest is the alternative way of transporting the oil. Warren Buffett owns the trains, many of them and so forth. Well, look, I’m glad you called, Yvette. Thank you so much. I appreciate it.

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