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Eight years ago Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos was arrested when authorities raided her Arizona workplace. She had used false identity documents. She later pled guilty to criminal impersonation, which is a felony.

For months she was held at a detention facility then released. She was ordered to check in with ICE twice a year. This continued all through the Obama years.

But during her latest ICE check-in, something different happened. She was detained. Last week, she was put in a van to be deported to her native Mexico. A local pro-illegal immigrant group got wind of the plan, and about 200 people showed up to protest. They banged on drums, raised flags, and shouted, “No papers, no fear!” and, “Let her go, set her free!”

Protesters surrounded the van carrying Ms. de Rayos for several hours. One guy tied himself a van tire. Seven protesters were arrested.

All of this was for naught.

The protest group director broke it to the crowd: “She has been deported.” He called her “one of the first victims of President Trump.” ICE officials later confirmed Ms. de Rayos been removed to Mexico.

But she is not a Trump victim. In fact, she’s not a victim at all. Suddenly, for a change, U.S. law is being followed. Ms. de Rayos victimized herself years ago when she broke that law, and she was finally held accountable. Big whup.

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