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RUSH: I want to get to some of this immigration news because I firmly believe that immigration remains ballgame in terms of the future of the United States remaining the nation it was founded to be. Immigration is the primary reason Donald Trump was elected. It remains a focal point for people that support and voted for Trump, and that executive order… Trump supporters are livid about this in every which way. The media’s not changing minds among Trump supporters on that executive order.

They’re angry at the judiciary, as they should be.

And these ICE raids that are happening? People are applauding these. You know, the Drive-Bys say, “This is outrageous! This is poor minorities. (sniveling)” Wait a minute. This is a matter of the law. We’re just enforcing law and order, which Trump also said he was gonna do. But let me go through some of this Immigration Stack ’cause the news here today is just outrageous. First from the Wall Street Journal: “Influential Mexicans are pushing an aggressive and perhaps risky strategy to fight a likely increase in deportations of their undocumented compatriots in the U.S.,” and that is, “jam U.S. immigration courts in hopes of causing the already overburdened system to break down.”

This is Mexico. Mexico does not want the people that left Mexico to come here illegally. They don’t want them to come back. What does that tell you, that a nation does not want them back? Does that mean these people are not all that productive in the eyes of Mexico? Why don’t they want ’em back? And they’re planning on an ad campaign to tell illegals here in America how to go out and get a free-of-charge immigration lawyer and to just go to court and clog up the system. Why doesn’t the Mexican government and its most influential citizens want these people back?

It’s their people!

Aren’t we told that Mexican illegal aliens are the best and brightest?

Aren’t we told that that’s the future of America, by the Democrat Party and the media?

Aren’t we told that they’re the hardest working, that they’re gonna be a boon to any economy?

Why doesn’t Mexico want ’em back? Now… “The proposal calls for ad campaigns advising migrants in the U.S. to take their cases to court and fight deportation if detained. ‘The backlog in the immigration system is tremendous,’ said former Foreign Minister Jorge Castaneda. The idea is to double or triple the backlog [in court], ‘until [U.S. President Donald] Trump desists in this stupid idea,’ he added.” Here again on display vividly people that do not understand Donald Trump. They really think that they can force Trump to give up this campaign issue by flooding the courts?

They think they can stop Trump with a judge issuing a stay of his executive order? You notice how fit to be tied the left is? When that judge in Seattle stayed Trump’s executive order, they think that means that all immigration law is suspended. That’s how stupid they are! So now the ICE raids, which have been planned from back in the Obama administration days, that’s how long ago these were scheduled. These are Obama immigration raids, essentially, and it’s not a… I’m not making a political comment; it’s just fact. These people on the left who think that judge in Washington could tell the president what for?

They think that judge in Washington can tell the president shut up and go away, and they think the president has to listen to what that judge says. They can’t believe the deportations are going on. They can’t believe that ICE is running around rounding up the illegals and sending them back! They can’t believe it. They’re fit to be tied. The Mexicans can’t believe it either, so now they’re trying to order, with ad campaigns… You know, it’s just like there have been ad campaigns on how to get free health care, that is: Find the nearest emergency room, how to get this, how to get food stamps.

The Mexican government has had ad campaigns for all their illegals living here on how to exploit the U.S. welfare system and now there’s an ad campaign on how to exploit the court system by going out and getting a lawyer. USA Today has a story: “What to Do if Immigration Officers Come Knocking at Your Door.” So what this is, USA Today is actually running an ad, not a campaign ad, running an ad for the ACLU under the guise of a news story. It begins this way:

“Roundups of undocumented immigrants across the country have sent immigrants rights advocates to social media blasting out information in multiple languages on how those caught up in such raids should respond.” Can I translate this for you? (translated) “Roundups of illegal immigrants across the country have sent illegal-immigrant rights advocates to social media blasting out information in multiple landings on how those behaving illegally should continue to try to break the law.” Where were these people when Obama was doing the deporting? Because, you know, Obama deported 7,500.

These raids are not new. They’d happened during Obama. I remember commenting on it when they happened. I said, “Why isn’t the left enraged by this?” It’s ’cause Obama was doing it so it’s okay. “If Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents…” This is USA Today. This is from their story. “If [ICE] agents show up at your door, the ACLU advises you to not open it unless the agents can show a warrant signed by a judge. Ask to see it through a window or slipped under the door. Residents can ask through the door why the agents are there and request an interpreter if they need one.

“If there is no warrant, ask the agents to leave the information outside.” Now, bear in mind that the ACLU and the rest of the amnesty/open borders lobby say that we cannot enforce our immigration laws because it’ll make illegal aliens afraid of law enforcement and they won’t report crimes. Have you heard that argument? How specious is that! The ACLU and your average leftist in the open-borders lobby say that we should not and we cannot enforce immigration law, because that would be to enforce it on illegal immigrants, and that would make the illegal immigrants afraid of law enforcement all the time.

And then they won’t report crimes because they’re afraid of the cops! And we can’t afford to deport them. We can’t afford to track them down because it just makes ’em afraid of the cops, and we don’t want them… I’m sorry. You people in the media do a great job of that all on your own, making people afraid of the cops. So these raids are happening, planned during the Obama administration. Mexico is running ads encouraging illegals here to go get immigration lawyers and clog the courts.

Thousands Poised to Enter Deportation Process After Mass ICE Arrest.” Obama conducted a bunch of immigration raids. The mainstream media ignored them, and nobody protested. This is a story from June 21st of 2011. I wanted to trick you. June 21st within 2011: “Thousands Poised to Enter Deportation Process After Mass ICE Arrest — The Obama administration announced Tuesday…” We’re now in 2017. This is six years ago, folks.

Well, five and a half years. “The Obama administration announced Tuesday that federal agents swept up 2,400 illegal immigrants in a nationwide raid last month, starting what will likely be a months-long process of figuring out what to do with them. The sweep, the product of a seven-day enforcement operation called ‘Cross Check,’ was described as the largest of its kind. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials, in coordination with other federal agencies and local officials, tracked down illegal immigrant criminals in all 50 states and are now housing them in ICE jails across the country.”

Now, bear in mind this was reported factually. There’s nothing to see here, it’s just Obama being president, rounded up 2,500 illegals, they’re in jail in preparation of being deported. Contrast that with these raids this past weekend and how they’ve been reported, with everything I just told you, advice from the ACLU and USA Today on what to do if the agent shows up at your house, how to get a lawyer to clog the court system, to break it down and cause it to fail. It’s profound, the difference.

AP decided to do a fact check. “Are Immigration Raids the Result of Trump Policy?” Then they say, well, you know, Obama did some of this and Trump’s doing some of this and they conclude that truth lies somewhere in between. You know where most of the fake news in America is today? I’ve concluded there is never so much fake news as there is in a mainstream media fact check. I think these fact checks actually contain more fake news than the original reporting that they claim to be fact-checking.

Because this is clear obfuscation. “The truth lies somewhere in between.” No, it doesn’t. These recent immigration raids are the result of Obama policy, which is the United States. This is simply the law being enforced, which was the only point Stephen Miller was making to Stephanopoulos yesterday. This was simply the law being enforced. That’s all it is. What people are upset about, I’m telling you again, we have enough the leftist lamebrains who believe that judge in Seattle shut down all deportations. They think that’s what that stay means.

They think that that judge staying Trump’s executive order means all immigration is permitted. That’s what they think, many of them do. And they’re perfectly fine with a federal judge in Seattle being able to tell the president what can and can’t do when it comes to immigration policy. And so the reason they’re really mad is because they misunderstood the executive order in the stay and they think, “Trump is violating the law again. He doesn’t respect. He can’t be doing this. The judge said he can’t do this. The judge said there’s nothing that can happen until it’s decided.” Trump’s deporting people. It’s amazing, folks, the ignorance. It’s not amazing with the media the way they are. It stands to reason.

What is this? “Mexicans March Against Trump: ‘Bad Hombre for the Whole World‘ — Mexicans waved flags that read “Fuera Peña” or “Peña Out.” Accusations of government corruption, coupled with anger over his handling of the disappearance of 43 Mexican students in 2014, have sunk his approval ratings.”

Why is Mexico so threatened now? Isn’t that rather obvious, too? Because the United States is gonna make illegal aliens go through the process to become legal in order to stay here, instead of letting an entire country come in here and bleed us. That’s what they’re upset about. And do not doubt me. The left believes the world should be able to come in and bleed America, because the world suffers because of America. They really and actually believe that.


RUSH: Here’s Bob in Charlotte, North Carolina. Bob, I’m glad you called. Great to have you with us. How you doing, sir?

CALLER: Well, I’m doing wonderful, and double dittos to you, Rush.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: I’m calling for one facet of this immigration issue, and that being the sanctuary cities.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: I’m afraid most of us don’t understand why these liberal mayors are so adamant about keeping status quo with this situation. Is there like a pipeline of money from Washington that makes them think this way? It’s not clear to me.

RUSH: Well, there has been. Yeah, it’s indirect, but, yeah, there’s aid, cities get some federal. That’s why Trump has made a big point out of cutting off funding to the cities. But I’m gonna tell you, there’s another aspect to this. Money is big. I mean, whenever money is involved, follow the trail and you’ll usually find an answer or the answer to most questions, but there’s something else to this, and it’s not just these mayors.

You go to every one of these cities that’s a sanctuary city and many of the residents, but primarily the political leadership of these cities support it, and it’s for one reason: They believe, Bob, be honest to God now, this is hard to believe, it’s hard to get your arms around. They believe that the United States is an oppressor nation by seeking to deport these illegals, and therefore they’re automatically victims of an evil imperialistic United States and need to be protected. These are people who think the United States is oppressive and unkind and mean.


RUSH: This is Kirell in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I want to squeeze this in before we have to go. How you doing, Kirell?

CALLER: Holy mackerel, I made it. Hello, sir, good afternoon.

RUSH: Good afternoon.

CALLER: And it’s Kirell, by the way, just to let you know. I wanted to talk about immigration today because I was reading over the weekend about a lady from Arizona named Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos, who, in case your listeners might not know, she was here for 22 years but she had a felony conviction in 2009 because she faked a Social Security number in order to get a job up here and everybody’s protesting down there. They brought out the children and all that sort of stuff, and I just kind of wanted to ask, like when is there ever going to be this idea that these people’s actions have consequences and not only just for them, but for their children, right? This conviction came when she had young children, like nine or 10 years old.

RUSH: We actually talked about Guadalupe on the program a couple of Morning Updates ago, and you’re right. Isn’t it telling that the enforcement of immigration, especially when these people screw up. I mean, she was sailing along under the radar just fine, and there’s another case in Texas that’s somewhat similar. The one in Texas moved and in trying to reregister to vote blew it. They found her and went to court, a jury convicted her, and everybody’s up in arms about it.

This is a law for which breaking has had no consequences for the longest time. Now all of a sudden there are, and it’s just a law enforcement issue. There shouldn’t be anybody surprised. Trump said this is exactly what he was gonna do if anybody would have listened. Kirell, I’m glad you got through. I really appreciate it. We’ll have more on Guadalupe tomorrow ’cause we’ll review this. We did talk a little bit about it last week, but I’m out of time.

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