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RUSH: Yes siree, Bob. Here we are, my friends, back at it, El Rushbo and the Excellence in Broadcasting Network. Happy to be with you, as always. Hope everybody had a great weekend. We’re back, and we’re locked and loaded, and we are ready for battle, because that’s what this seems to be each and every day. And the left is intensifying.

The latest meme, the latest narrative, Donald Trump is mentally unstable. Donald Trump is insane. Donald Trump is unhinged. Donald Trump is mentally unsuited. That’s been on HBO with Bill Maher. It’s in the Senate with Al Franken on Bill Maher. Chuck You Schumer is echoing — well, he’s not echoing those sentiments per se, but he’s weighing in afterward to make it appear as though that is the case.

The effort to undermine the Trump White House is in full force. And one of the ways that they’re doing it, and I want you to be prepared for this. The Drive-Bys consider Trump to have an insatiable ego. They believe that above all else, Donald Trump is ruled by his ego. Meaning he wants to be loved and everybody to love him and he wants everybody to think that he’s a winner and that he’s the best. But, most importantly, that Donald Trump is obsessed with people believing that he is in charge.

Now, he’s just the president of the United States. I don’t know why that would be such a big sell. But their intent on telling people that that’s what Trump cares about. He doesn’t care about any of this other stuff. So one of the ways they’re trying to undermine Trump, you’ve seen these covers, TIME magazine and other stories saying Steve Bannon is actually the president, that Steve Bannon is actually the guy who is the power behind the throne. That is a psychological operation. That is designed to tick Trump off and fire Bannon.

They want Trump sitting in the White House seeing this stuff. “Oh, yeah? They think Bannon’s running the show? Well, I’ll show them.” He calls Bannon in and says, “Look, I gotta fire you. Everybody thinks you’re the president and you haven’t done anything to disabuse them of that, so you’re gone.” And then they’ll go to work on Stephen Miller next. They already are. He showed up on all the Sunday shows yesterday. The guy’s good so they’re going to go after him. They already are, details on that coming up.

And they’re gonna go after everybody and anybody who they think they could sell as the brain behind Donald Trump, the reason Donald Trump is president, the things Donald Trump says, the policies Donald Trump comes up with are not his. They are all the result of aides. And they want Trump to end up firing everybody. They want him to end up firing his cabinet. Folks, don’t laugh. I mean, it is kind of comical, but this is one of the ways that they’re going to go about this.

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