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RUSH: There’s been a lot of Drive-By-media coverage of the immigration “raids” in six states over the weekend. There are two narratives. First, there’s the poor, innocent, persecuted deported victims and sobbing relatives. Second, there’s the supposed fear that’s sweeping immigrant communities.

But the reason why these illegal immigrants were deported hasn’t been so easy to find in the media. Just one outlet, a local CBS News branch in southern California, did the unthinkable. They reported on the people who were picked up in their state.

CBSLA.com reports that of the 160 arrested 150 of them had criminal histories. Five others had been previously deported and snuck back in or had “final orders” from the courts to be deported.

Many of the deportees had prior felony convictions, some of them for serious and violent crimes. That includes assaults and sex crimes against children. It is perfectly accurate to call most of these people “bad hombres” since 95 percent of those deported are men.

Now, in case you’re wondering, these raids weren’t targeted at citizens from a specific country. Those who were sent packing are from a dozen countries. They came illegally, they stayed illegally, they behaved illegally. And for the last eight years, while the rule of law was ignored, they were totally comfortable.

Well, apparently those days are over. Bad hombres are being deported and the rule of law has returned, just as someone told us would happen.

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