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RUSH: Let me grab another phone call ’til that begins. John in Raleigh, North Carolina. Hey, John, great to have you on the program. How you doing?

CALLER: Doing well. This is probably the best birthday present I could ever ask for, to get to speak to you, because I’m a lifelong fan.

RUSH: Well, happy birthday, my man. How are you?

CALLER: Good — good. So, I have two questions. One, what advice would you give the Trump administration on how to deal with Obama’s shadow government? And, two, is this the big gift for the Republicans to finally do away with Trump and his administration?

RUSH: Yeah. That last question is loaded, and we’ll have to see. I want to preface that, this is a CNN story. CNN would love nothing more than to report that the Republicans see this as an opportunity to finally discredit Trump and get rid of him. And that’s exactly what this story looks like. I mean, this story looks exactly like it’s not the Democrats, folks; it’s the Republicans that want to investigate Trump.

CALLER: Absolutely.

RUSH: It’s the Republicans that want to investigate Trump and Russia. And if that’s true then I think the answer to it, it’s establishment versus outsider, it’s not Republicans versus Trump. Because the Democrats are gonna say the same thing. If this is true, it means the Republicans and Democrats are on the same page where all this is concerned. It’s an exaggerated story with a bloated premise, and if they see this as an opportunity to get rid of Trump somehow, somewhere, to start that process, God bless us.

As to the first question that you had, you know, I’ve not worked in government, so all I can do is answer as a civilian would without the necessary knowledge and understanding. First thing I would do, you’ve got a story alleging that there’s a shadow government made up of embedded Democrats in the bureaucracy. Common sense would tell me I don’t need a story for that, that I know this. Common sense would tell me because I know liberalism and I know who they are and I know how they operate. Common sense would tell me from before I was sworn in that there’s gonna be thousands of Democrats and leftists in the government that are gonna be trying to undermine me.

So what I would do if it were me, I’d root ’em out. I would find out who they are and as they begin acting I’d call a press conference and point it out to people and I’d name names. I’d say here’s what they’re doing, and here’s who they are, and here’s where we think they link to. I mean, if the purpose of the Trump administration is to reorganize and rearrange the government and take it back for the people, whenever this typical inside-the-Beltway stuff starts, I would call it out. I would point it out. I would name names if I could prove it.

CALLER: I totally agree. I think that’s what needs to happen. I think he needs to come out and actually just bring it to light and expose these people.

RUSH: Well, let me tell you what else is going on, though. This is just a fact of life. The establishment, not so much these embedded bureaucrats, but there are powerful, wealthy people whose names you don’t even know who are at every level of the establishment; they’re in government, they’re outside of government. I will I guarantee you — well, I shouldn’t say guarantee, ’cause I couldn’t prove this if I had to, but it’s common sense to me that Trump has already been giving warnings and the what-fors and you better watch yourself, we’re gonna let you go only so far if you get too close to home.

The establishment, these people run the world, John, not just Washington. These are the globalists that run the world, and they’re just not gonna sit idly by while some guy that they don’t respect shows up and tries to dismantle it. They will use implied threats, direct threats, going after Ivanka and the family and leaking stories that Melania was a hooker, all this stuff is out there. It’s vicious, vicious stuff.

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