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RUSH: There’s some breaking news out there. CNN, fake news, is reporting that top Senate Republicans have urged the White House to withdraw the nomination of Puzder, what’s his name, Puzder, Puzder. He’s the… what is it, trade? Same difference, trade, labor, whatever, he’s the labor secretary nominee. Apparently top Republicans have told the White House that there are four firm “no” votes and there could be up to 12 votes on the fence and saying, “Rather than run the risk of having a nominee voted down, White House, why don’t you just pull the guy.”

By the way, New York Daily News just posted — I kid you not — the New York Daily News just posted the succession list for who will become president if Trump is incapacitated, and of course it’s Pence and then after Pence, and they keep going ’til they get to a Democrat. (laughing) That would have to be the House or Senate minority leader. It’s way, way down the list.

So, anyway, the Democrats have intended to take a scalp from one of Trump’s cabinet nominees. They thought it was gonna Betsy DeVos. They really thought they were gonna stop her, but it looks like Puzder and his crime against humanity is that he is supposed to have one time hired an illegal alien, which of course the Democrats would never, never stand for. Wait a minute, that’s what they want everybody to do, do they not? The Democrats want everybody to hire illegals. The Democrats want every illegal alien possible to come here, be here, and be allowed to stay here. But Puzder may have once hired one. It’s a glaring hypocrisy of our government in action. Anyway, we’ll see how that falls out.

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