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RUSH: On Tuesday, Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank claimed President Trump’s unpopularity is causing a Republican uprising. His piece was titled, “Trump’s Toxicity Has Republicans Running Away from Their Constituents.”

What was his evidence? Republicans in several states have faced rowdy town halls. We’re told that in Utah Jason Chaffetz was confronted by angry constituents who want to keep Obamacare.

Here’s what we’re supposed to believe: Republican voters – who for five years have demanded that Congress get rid of Obamacare – now all of a sudden love it. And they’re attacking their own congressmen at town halls to vent their anger at Trump for trying to take it away. Trump, by the way, who they voted for and are happy with.

Meanwhile, another news story appeared in the Washington Post on the same day, with this headline: “Democrats Bracing for Town Hall Protests Directed at Them Ask Bernie Sanders for Help.”

That says it all. The Democrats know who these protesters really are. They are not – and never have been – Republican voters upset over Obamacare being repealed. They’re mad at President Trump. They’re out-of-control, loony leftists being bought and paid to show up.

If Mr. Milbank read his own paper he might learn that Obama and Soros are behind the protests, part of a strategy to intimidate elected representatives of both parties into keeping Obamacare because they want Big Government.

Then again, you can’t blame Milbank for not reading the Washington Post. Too much fake news in that paper.

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