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RUSH: “I can’t believe this. The Obama shadow government is actually in the middle of a coup,” I thought, when I saw this last night. And I went to bed last night thinking it was a coup.

Anyway, so I got up today and I started looking at the news and I found out, “No, it’s not a coup and it’s not even being accurately reported.” And I said, “Damn it, I fell for fake news again, or misleading news.” Did you see the story last night where the intel — it was one of these Wall Street Journal breaking news alerts, stop everything you’re doing, including if you’re going to church, stop right now and read this. It was one of these things: Intelligence agencies have decided to stop providing President Trump with any data.

And I said, “Wait a minute. I mean, with everything else that’s gone on and now these guys –” if you stop and think about this for just a second. We have the president of the United States, we have a world that is on fire. I mean, it really is. The world’s on fire all around us, now these intel guys, we already know the games they’re playing with Flynn. We already know, and we keep learning about this, and, by the way, two more stories today of absolutely no evidence that Flynn talked about sanctions with the Russians on that call, and absolutely no evidence that the Russians had anything to do with the outcome of the election.

The story continues to be written and yet if these guys, who are undermining Trump, have now decided they’re just not gonna provide him with any intel and that you know many of them are Obama holdovers, what else is that but a silent coup? How can a president not be provided intel from around the world? You see, I believed it could be possible because I know liberals and I know who they are and I know everything about them better than they know themselves, so I believed it could be entirely true.

So I made it a point to follow up on that today when I got in here, and I found out that the story is much ado about nothing, and in fact it was click bait. For all intents and purposes, it was just designed to cause the exact reaction I had. I later learned that this is common, that it really was about how a lot of intel is not presented to presidents before it’s sifted and before it’s analyzed. And all this was was a story that takes a common occurrence and they tried to make it look like something brand-new and unprecedented.

Now, if it worked on me and I came in here and I researched it and I found out today that the original take I had on it was wrong… But can you imagine how this would work on people who are not highly trained seasoned broadcast specialists and media experts like me?

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