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RUSH: If I’ve seen this once today, I’ve seen it 10 times, and I saw it last week. I commented on it then. Some in the media are saying it’s really dangerous for Trump to be getting his news from cable TV. Do you not find this perplexing? This is largely today related to Trump’s comments on Sweden at his rally in Melbourne on Saturday, and this is so great. Trump talks about Sweden. “Can you imagine? Sweden? ‘Look at what’s happening in Sweden’?” and the media is clueless. They don’t know what he meant.

So they think Trump’s insane and is simply making up terrorist attacks in Sweden, and there aren’t any of those, and Trump never said terrorist attacks. What Trump saw was an interview on Tucker Carlson’s show on Fox News where a guy has done a documentary and written a book about the rapidly increasing crime rate traceable to all of the migrants and refugees that Sweden has welcomed. And, in fact, it’s true! The migrant crime rate in Sweden is through the roof. So Trump sees it on TV, and he talks about it in his rally. He saw it on a credible show, Tucker Carlson Tonight, whatever it is, on Fox News.

And the know-it-all media starts in on it, and my little tech buddies — the most arrogant, condescending group of kids I’ve ever run across — start laughing and making fun of Trump that he’s lost his mind… Have you heard the latest to explain Trump’s attitude, by the way? Syphilis! (interruption) No, no. The New Republic. The New Republic has a serious story from some shrink, psychiatrist, analyzing Trump from the media and concluding that he may have had syphilis as a boy, as a young man.

Because all of Trump’s characteristics and his mannerisms you can peg to people that have had syphilis in their lives. And they’re dead serious about it! So, anyway, the media’s up there going nuts about, “Is Trump making it up again? My God, this guy’s dangerous! He’s just making it up! He’s making it up,” and then be they found out what he’s talking about, and you can see the stories today. “Well, gee, maybe Trump was right. Maybe! Maybe! Maybe Trump was right after all about Sweden, but … but… but,” and then they throw their caveats in.

But what about this idea that the media is saying it’s dangerous for Trump to get his news from cable TV? Why would that be? Why would CNN…? It was “Poppy” Harlow, I think, who said it. (paraphrased) “Oh, we love people watching our news network, we love the ratings and so forth, but isn’t it a little dangerous for the president to get all of his news on cable?” Why would that be? Do not stand behind what you do? What could possibly be dangerous about getting your news from CNN?

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