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RUSH: You know, we’re looking at potential candidates here for national security adviser. I really hope it’s Bolton. A lot of people have criticisms of Bolton because he’s — what would be the best way to characterize the criticisms? A, they say he’s an interventionist. That if there’s any trouble in the world that we should make a beeline and go there. And that he believes in nation building, i.e., turning Iraq into an American-like democracy. He believes all this stuff.

And I think he’s moderated some of that based on — he used to believe those things, I don’t doubt that, don’t challenge that. But the Iraq experience and number of other things I think are things that I’m just guessing based on things I’ve heard Bolton say since then — he’s on TV a lot — the thing I like about Bolton is he is a no-nonsense, he doesn’t suffer fools. He’s a patriot. He loves America. He knows who our enemies are. He’s got no problem identifying militant Islamic terrorism as an enemy. Do you realize that is not a universally held belief? And it’s not just among Democrats.

There are people throughout the Washington establishment who do not want that to be in any way true. It upsets their worldview. Folks, as far as the elites are concerned, the world is fine. The only problem in the world is Donald Trump, as far as the elites are concerned. The people at the IMF, the people at the World Bank, the people at the United Nations, the people at the European Union, the people at NATO, all these people, they’re fine, they’re hunky-dory with Obama in there and bureaucracies growing and globalism on the march and the shrinking and transformation the United States of America, they were happy and fine. They’re rich. They’re wealthy beyond your imagination. They have positions of power and esteem throughout the world in this elite establishment culture.

And Trump coming along representing the common man. I mean, Trump’s election is all about the people I describe as the people who make America work. They’re characterized sometimes as the white working class, other times as blue-collar, middle class, lower middle class. These are the people whose lives have not been getting better in the last 15 or 20 years, while all of the elites have. And the elites desperately want to hold on to all that, and calling it militant Islamic terrorism, “No, no, no, no, no, no, no. We don’t need that. That’s just upsetting things. Everything’s fine and dandy. We don’t need to provoke these things.”

They look at all of the migration as not a problem, let Europe take em, let these western democracies, because these people that I’m talking about are never gonna be impacted by any of these policies. They’re never affected by illegal immigration. They don’t live where refugees and the sort are located. And then they get away with being perceived as compassionate and open-minded and tolerant and so forth. And they have presided over the stagnation of the middle class.

Now, in the United States, the upward mobility of the middle class has been one of the things that set us apart from anywhere in the world. It’s one of the reasons why so many people in the world want to come to America, is the upward mobility of the middle class, the ability to improve, to accrue wealth, to do better for your kids than you were able to do for yourself and this kind of thing. And that has been stagnating. There aren’t increasing wages. There aren’t increasing standard of living.

That’s why Trump was elected. That’s why Trump represents a problem to all these people. And the media considers themselves part of that august group. And Trump’s just upsetting everything. Trump’s coming in and he’s upsetting all of the systems in place. He’s upsetting all the strategies that have been implemented. He’s upsetting what these people think is world peace.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is not supposed to be solved. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is what allows foreign policy and Middle Eastern bureaucrats to continue to be Middle Eastern bureaucrats, and what allows them to continue to work in the so-called peace process. The last thing they want is peace. That would be the end of the peace process. If peace triumphs, what would there be for them to do? This is a slightly generic explanation of all of this.

But anyway, I think Bolton is not that. Now, I think Bolton is probably more interventionist than Trump. Trump has made a big deal in the campaign about how we don’t need to be going everywhere in the world. We don’t need to be wasting our money to the extent that we do. The people we’re trying to help need to pay their fair share. We don’t need to be going broke investing in all these different far corners of the world when there’s no American benefit to it is what Trump has said, and people have applauded it, thought it was great.

But to the establishment elites this is a call to arms. This is a direct attack on them personally and professionally, their stewardship of the world, and they’re not gonna sit idly by and let it happen. So that’s in a nutshell the world in which we find ourselves now. So we need national security advisers, National Security Council. We need somebody that’s pro-American that is gonna support Donald Trump, that has basically a similar worldview.

And I think, as I say, Bolton’s probably more interventionist than Trump, but everything changes. Trump, during the campaign, says one thing about intervening, but as president different realities hit you, probably be a little bit more interventionist than he thought, Bolton’s probably a little bit less than he used to be. Could be a happy marriage. And Bolton was a Reaganesque figure in terms of leading in peace through strength which Trump also professes.

I don’t know how much he’s thought this through, but in terms of a philosophy, Bolton is full-fledged behind people. In other words, build up the military in the hopes you don’t have to use it, and if you do, kick ass. If you have to use it, it better be the military that can beat anything that comes at us, but you hope you never have to. He’s not somebody that wants to be permanently in conflict with people, but if it happens, he’s willing to openly, honestly admit who it is, why they’re doing it, and what needs to happen to shut ’em down for America to win.

So I just throw my name in the list here as supporting Bolton for the gig. And that’s not a slight on any of the others whose hats are also in consideration, names are also in consideration.


RUSH:  So West Point graduate H. R. McMaster is the next national security adviser.  Bolton didn’t get it, but Bolton will be involved somehow — in the national security apparatus. President Trump just making the announcement here at Mar-a-Lago. H. R. McMaster wrote a book called Dereliction of Duty, highly acclaimed, and he said he’s very honored to have the position.

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