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RUSH: The New York Times is suddenly concerned that President Trump is “struggling” to fill top jobs in his administration. Of course, they blame Trump for being too picky.

The Times says the problem is Trump’s demand for “loyalty.” Many candidates have washed out of the interview process due to vicious things they said about Trump during the campaign.

The Times is especially upset that Trump nixed Elliot Abrams for a high-ranking State Department job. Abrams was an Assistant Secretary of State under Reagan, and a Deputy National Security Adviser for Bush 43.

Abrams admits a lot of tough things were said about Trump, but he told the Times he had hoped Trump would focus on “just hiring the most effective people to help him govern, rather than looking back to what we said in the race.” He thought he could slam Trump and still make the team. Apparently that’s wrong.

The Times complains that Trump ruled out almost an entire generation of Republican policy types from serving. They say his management style is unprecedented and out of the mainstream. Why does the Times want a bunch of Republicans in there? Has anyone asked that?

Let me give some news here for the Times. Trump supporters don’t share your concerns. They see Obama holdovers and defiant civil servants openly sabotaging Trump’s agenda. The last thing a president needs is disloyal people around him, especially in top positions.

There are plenty of snakes in Washington as it is. I think it’s a good thing that Trump can spot them.

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