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RUSH: I’ve had something very interesting happen to me (I’d say the four or five times here) since yesterday’s big broadcast. You know what it is? I’m actually having people tell me they’re getting tired of all this news bashing Trump. Not that they’re worried about it. That they are tired of it. That it is beginning to bore them. That, to me, is a profoundly good sign.

In the old days of the Republicans, you would never have heard that. You would have heard people say, “My gosh, when are they gonna fight back? My gosh, when are they gonna do something about this? My gosh, why are they gonna sit there and just continue to take this? Why aren’t they fighting?” Something like that. And then you would hear utter frustration and you would hear whining and moaning that the media was winning and that the Democrats were winning.

But now we got a president, this guy, he fights back and he’s the most transparent president we’ve ever had, there’s nothing hidden, there’s nothing subtle, there’s nothing under the covers. It’s all right there. He thinks the press is the enemy, he’s gonna tell you so. He’s gonna tell them that he thinks they’re the enemy. And so now when I hear people say I’m getting tired — and don’t misunderstand, they’re not turning off the news. It’s an attitudinal thing. They’re just getting tired because it’s never ending.

Every day the media is doing the same thing. Every day the media takes whatever the narrative they’re trying to make is, and that’s another thing that’s got ’em snuff, because they’ve lost the ability. Trump is setting the narrative every day, not them. Do you realize the amount of control the Drive-Bys have lost and thus how angry they are about that? So people are getting weary. Every day something new happens in terms of Trump policy, and what’s the reaction? Trump’s Hitler. Trump’s this. Trump’s that.

And people are getting tired of it because they’re very satisfied with the way Trump is dealing with it. He’s continuing to march forward on his agenda. He is fighting back at the Drive-Bys whenever necessary, and the Democrats or anybody else. And so what’s beginning to happen here is that the whining and moaning and the attempt to cause panic and chaos, including, I might add, all these fake protests at Republican town halls. And more on that in a moment, too, ’cause Trump’s even calling that out. Did you hear what Trump said?

Trump Lashes Out at ‘So-Called Angry Crowds’ at GOP Town Halls.” He said, “The so-called angry crowds in home districts of some Republicans are actually, in numerous cases, planned out by liberal activists. Sad!” He tweeted that. He’s exactly right. We haven’t had this and so the attempt by the left — I told you they’ve got one blueprint, and it’s been successful for them for years, but it doesn’t work against Trump, and they haven’t figured that out.

Bush was Hitler; Trump is Hitler. Bush lied, people died. Trump’s doing this, people are dying. Just change the issue. And people are getting worn out, not with Trump. They’re getting worn out with every day the left makes everything an apocalypse. Everything that’s happening is the end of the world. And, of course, it isn’t. And many people are very happy with what Trump is doing and the agenda he’s attempting. If there’s any unhappiness, I’m gonna tell you right now, if there’s any unhappiness, wariness or suspicion, it’s being aimed at Republicans on Capitol Hill, but not at The Donald.

I’ll tell you what’s happening here, folks. America is getting a good look at the Democrat Party’s agenda. Normally, you see, the Democrats have to hide who they are if they want to win elections. Like Obama could never have been honest about his true intentions for Obamacare and what would have happened to your plan and your doctor and your premium and all that. He would never have been elected if he had told you what his intentions were regarding keeping the borders open and letting anybody in that he wanted to let in, would have never been elected.

So they have to lie about it and they have to couch it, and many times they actually run for office as quasi-conservatives. They don’t call themselves that, but policies they eschew and promote are more mainstream than the actual extreme, hard-left-wingism that they are. As a result of them being out of power now and themselves feeling like they’re in the midst of the apocalypse, they have apparently thrown out the belief that they need to camouflage. I mean, it’s just wide open. We are seeing exactly just who these unhinged people are.

See, I’ve known it for as long as I have been studying liberals and telling people about it. This is who they are. They’re no different today. The way you see liberals today, they’re no different than they were when Obama was in the White House in terms of what they believed, how they acted, things they wanted to do. It’s just it was suppressed. It was suppressed and hidden, camouflaged, largely the attention wasn’t on the activists because Obama soaked up all the oxygen in the room.

But now look what’s happening. America’s getting a good look at the Democrat Party: who they are, what they think, how they behave, what is important to them. Ditto the media. The American people are getting a firsthand, wide-open look at the media’s sympathies like never before. Because the media is the left. The media is a bunch of hacks and activists. They have been flushed to the surface, as you will. They have been exposed as the soldiers and the warriors that they are for the Democrat agenda.

Fake news is now part of the national conversation. Fake news has become iconic. That is not good for the Drive-Bys, folks. Fake news is now what most people first think of when they see a story in the Drive-By Media. The Republican Party didn’t do this. They’re sitting back there, half of them still quivering in fear over the fact that it’s happening.

Donald Trump is doing it. The deep state, shadow government, all these embedded bureaucrats. They’re coming out of the woodwork to write what they know. Even the CIA agent that wrote an op-ed on Sunday claiming he was leaving the CIA because he just can’t analyze intelligence for Trump. Turns out he’s a Clinton donor, $5,000 to Clinton. He’s a Clinton donor. He’s a Clinton hack. And by virtue of that, allegations that we make about who really is the deep state, who are these unelected bureaucrats sabotaging Trump, they’re Democrats.

Everybody’s seeing it now, the deep state, the shadow government, all of these things are now on display. They’re not theoretical. They’re not things that we know exist but have to try to prove to other people. They are being demonstrated. The extent of illegal immigration and its costs are getting exposure in the news and social media news feeds like they never have.

All it takes is Trump sending out an executive order that he’s gonna enforce the immigration laws and they go batty! They go bat-excrement crazy. And the Drive-Bys lead with the bat-excrement crazy, and the consumers of Drive-By news can’t miss it. And they’re seeing the hysteria. And I suspect that even some of them are growing weary with this and asking, “Is this what we’re gonna get in our Facebook feed the next four years?”

Obamacare’s failures are no longer protected by Obama’s deceitful pronouncements or Hillary Clinton’s pronouncements. Obamacare’s failures are no longer protected by the Drive-By Media. All of these failures, all of these new realities, fake news, the Democrat Party agenda, the media’s obvious bias and having thrown in with the Democrats, the deep state, illegal immigration, facts, figures, costs. Obamacare failures, the unrest, the crime, instability from massive refugee migration. That has broken through.

And guess who’s done it? The people who’ve hidden it all these years. The media which would not report on any of this, particularly if it was alleged by, say, me or any Republican. They would laugh at it, they would pooh-pooh it, and they would say that it’s ridiculous and accuse whoever said such things as some sort of ism, racism, homosexualism, bias, whatever it would be.

But now look who it is that’s actually in their panic and in their fear and in their apocalyptic attitude exposing all of this. Why, it is the Democratic Party. Why, it is the Drive-By Media. And what we’re in the midst of here, folks, we’re in the midst of a bare-knuckle fight with elected Democrats, media propagandists — and it is healthy. It is overdue. This needed to happen for a long time. President Trump has flushed unhinged leftists out in the open. He has flushed the Democrat Party out in the open. He has flushed the media out in the open.

And now all of that can be evaluated side by side with President Trump’s ideas, side by side with the guy who won the election’s agenda. That’s good, folks. That’s good for democracy. This is unique in terms of the way Republicans have acted in the past. Republicans never had the desire to stand up for their own agenda. They were too afraid of… Well, they were afraid of what the media would say about it and then what the American public would think about it. So they largely kept it secret. Obama…

If you’ll recall way back during the campaign of 2008 and then into his first term when the Tea Party thing broke out; Obama told his people to “get in our faces.” Remember that? Obama said, “They bring a knife to the fight; you take a gun.” Remember all of that? Obama told them to get in our faces. Well, they’re in our faces now, and how’s it working out? People are starting to get tired of it. Don’t misunderstand; this has not yet reached critical mass. But, you know, I’m on the cutting edge of societal evolution, and I notice these trends long before they become mainstream.

Because, you see, according to Barack Obama, Obamacare was running like a top. According to Barack Obama, America was better off without any immigration law. America would have been better off with really just open borders. (impression) “That’s who we were. Those were our common values. Whenever anybody wanted to come in, why, we had to let ’em! That’s who we are.” Well, turns out it’s not who we are, and it’s not going to continue. According to Barack Obama, jobs were plentiful. We had the greatest recovery in the history of recoveries, right?

We had incomes rising, even though nobody knew anybody whose income was rising. But Obama told us that incomes were rising, and they told us that unemployment was coming down, and they told us the economy was growing — except that it wasn’t. We were told the military was robust. Obama told us universities were free speech meccas. The only thing holding this country back was an outdated Constitution and the Republican Party. So Donald Trump is fighting the left in the open, and that means he has drawn them out into the open, and that means they are exposing, demonstrating who they really are.

At the same time, this is causing Republicans to confront what their voters want confronted. Fighting liberals, fighting liberalism is the nation’s business. Trump may not be ideological. I don’t know what all this is doing to Trump in terms of educating him on ideology, but I would have to tell you, I would have to assume that Trump is probably surprised by some of what he’s seeing from the people he used to know as just Democrats. I don’t think Donald Trump thought this is who they were.

He didn’t think this was the mainstream of the Democrat Party when he was a New Yorker doing deals with Chuck Schumer and whoever else he needed to do deals with. But now look what’s happening. Donald Trump’s even getting an education. I mean, you couldn’t help it; these are the people trying to destroy him. Many of these people he thought were his buddies at one time. So he may not be ideological, but his election has laid bare the left’s agenda, and his election has shined bright lights on the disastrous results of eight years of Obama and countless years of liberalism.

I actually think the media is the last to figure out what’s going on here. I think the media doesn’t know it yet. They may have been sucked into a giant trap, a giant Trump black hole. You know why? ‘Cause they can no longer hide behind the pretense of objectivity in journalism. That’s gone, too. They can’t even fake it. They can’t make a case for it because they can’t back that up with any kind of behavior. They are demonstrating who they are. Everybody on the left — for the first time in a long time — has been flushed out and is demonstrating who they are.

They are doing everything I’ve always told people they do!

They’re being every way I’ve told people they are, including the media.

About all the media can fall back on is (whining), “You can’t criticize us. We’re mentioned in the Constitution! If you criticize us, you’re undermining the Constitution!” People are going, “Come on. Grow up, you little kids.” The media is failing if they’re attempting to evoke sympathy for themselves. That’s not working. Democrats of all stripes have now been drawn into the arena of ideas where they don’t want to be. They don’t want their ideas compared to ours. They don’t want their ideas debated. “No, no, no, no! We never, ever do that. We destroy Republicans. We don’t debate them.”

But now they’re in the arena of ideas, and that’s not where they want to be.

They’re not comfortable there, and they never win there.

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