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RUSH: A new Harvard/Harris poll shows that President Trump has overwhelming public support for cracking down on so-called sanctuary cities.

According to The Hill, 80% of voters say local law enforcement should have to comply with the law. They think cops should inform federal agents about the illegal immigrants they encounter, as required.

Right now, hundreds of cities run by Democrats are openly flouting the law. They’re refusing to cooperate with the feds, and it could end up costing them.

Reuters says the top ten sanctuary cities collect over two billion dollars in federal money. President Trump has ordered Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly to hold back those funds if they don’t cooperate.

Not long ago, political consultants all warned Republicans cracking down on illegal immigration was bad, bad, bad politics. It would be the end of the Republican Party, don’t you know. Many timid Republicans believed them and gave Trump no chance of winning the election, as he campaigned on getting tough. Well, we know how that turned out.

Now, the politics of enforcing our immigration law can be put to another test. I have a challenge for you Democrats. If you think supporting sanctuary cities and illegal immigration is such a big winner, why don’t you run on it in the midterm elections?

Go ahead. Look the American voter straight in the eye and tell them they are wrong. Tell them you believe in sanctuary cities and illegal immigration and let’s see where that gets you.

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