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RUSH: Now, ladies and gentlemen, the Democrats are searching for a new chairman of the Democrat National Committee. I have been listening and watching and observing, and I’m developing some ideas. Democrats want to win again, obviously, and I want to offer my admittedly free advice on what they should do if they want to win. Don’t get frightened…


RUSH: All right, the Democrats are, I think, giving us a preview — a forerunner, if you will — of their agenda. They’re telling us what they’re for, they’re telling us what they’re against, they’re very passionate about all of this, and I think this needs to be memorialized. In other words, I think we now see the Democrats defining themselves.

Oh. Before I forget this, Snerdley told me today that in his review of the news he saw the word “regulation” replaced with “protections” a bunch of times and he thanked me for pointing it out, ’cause he would have never noticed it had I not pointed it out yesterday. Keep a sharp eye. You know, government regulations here, the left is changing — and the media is playing along — the vernacular here. All regulations are now gonna be called “protections,” so that when Trump revises any or reduces or ends some regulations, they’re gonna be out there saying, “Trump is taking away your ‘protections.’ Trump is ending your ‘protections,'” and it’s designed to panic low-information dependents on government for most of what they have.

These are the little things that they do that they consistently do that become part of the daily narrative, and you don’t even notice it, and this why I am pointing it out to you here at the onset of this new policy the left has implemented — and the media’s all on board. I predict that you’re even gonna find some government bureaucrats using the term “protections” when they’re talking about regulations.

When they do, you are going to know that they are Democrat or liberal bureaucrats and that they are held over from previous Democrat presidencies, such as Clinton or Obama. This comes from the thing that you get from guys like George Lakoff (Rhymes With). This is the… Since they can’t openly discuss their issues, since they can’t be honest, this is how they attempt to fool people and trick people into believing that liberal Democrats support things that they actually don’t.

Now, again, I want to review from yesterday that I think one of the great things that’s happening with all of this panic on the left is that they are unwittingly now exposing who they are. They are not able to hide behind camouflage because they’re in such a state of panic. They thought they were gonna win this thing in a landslide even up to nine p.m. on election night, and they find themselves in the arena of ideas now where they never purposely go.

Because they can’t win in the arena of ideas, because the American people, when they know that liberal is what they’re being pitched, they reject it. The majority of Americans reject liberalism hands down, which is why the liberals always camouflage themselves and talk in terms that belie their true ideological identity, and that’s why I’m trying to assist them here. I think the Democrats should take what they’re doing now and make it their platform for 2018.

I think they should run on this rabid anger that their constituents are exhibiting. I think it ought to be a major campaign plank. The Democrat Party should openly fight for transgender bathrooms. The Democrat Party… They should be honest. They’re being flushed out. So the Democrat Party should be running campaign commercials now that perfectly illustrate their support for anybody claiming to have a confused gender identity to be able to go into whatever bathroom they want, wherever your kids are, in the name of fairness and tolerance.

They should just openly come out and admit that they support this. They should then openly admit and campaign on the notion of higher taxes. They should make it clear that they want to neuter and nationalize the police and penalize them. They should campaign on continued unaffordable, state-run health care. They should by all means… I mean, since they’re opposed to what Trump is doing here on immigration, the Democrats ought to go out and let everybody know that they’re for open borders!

I mean, if this is what you’re doing to stop Trump, don’t you think you Democrats need to do this in your campaigns? You’re showing up at town halls, you’re showing up on cable TV, and you’re making it clear what you’re for. You are for open borders. You are for transgenders being able to use whatever bathroom they want. You are for high taxes. You are for an expanding federal government. You want people to be angry all the time! That’s how you get what you want in politics.

You need to come out and make it clear that you are for the continuation of unaffordable, unavailable health insurance and health care. And don’t forget sanctuary cities. You Democrats need to make it be unequivocally clear that you support and will expand sanctuary cities. I say this because that’s what you’re too good by virtue of these protests every day. This is what you’re already making it clear you stand for, and anybody who is opposed to any of this is your enemy.

So I think, why don’t you try it for once? Why don’t you try just running your congressional campaigns in 2018 on this platform, exactly what you’re protesting? Raise all the hell that you want! The more, the better. Just continue running against the will of the people, ’cause that’s what you’re doing. You’re running against the will of the people. You’re protesting against the will of the people. Truth be known, that’s what they’re the actually protesting.

They think they’re protesting Trump. You know what they’re protesting is you. Who they really hate is you, you who voted for Trump. That’s who they’re really angry at. All of this has led them to the control of five states. They are not even a national party, anymore. Of course, I want them to continue this. Stay angry, stay loud, continue to get in our faces. Continue to promise to restore a massive regulatory state, which is what really fascism is.

The issues that I’m talking about are front and center because President Trump has put them there. We are in the arena of ideas. Finally, the Democrats are putting their ideas out there. People are once again able to see Democrats and liberals in their natural state. They’re able to see and hear what they’re actually for. This is so huge! Do you know how many years it’s been the Democrats have gotten away with camouflaging who they are and hiding behind the notion that they’re the ones that are compassionate and tolerant and open?

And now look. Look at what hatred does to you. Hatred doesn’t deliver anything positive. Hatred doesn’t expose anything positive, and these people are bitter and they’re consumed with hatred, and it is on display. And it’s happening in the arena of ideas. You leftists and you people in the media, we finally have you just where we want you: Out in the open being entirely honest about who you are, how much you hate, how delusional and deranged you really are, and how much you really oppose America.

It’s on full display now. I think you should memorialize it and actually create a campaign with planks that actually consist of all of these things that you’re protesting. This is home-field advantage for Republicans. Well, it’s home-field advantage for Trump. You know, where the Republicans are gonna the end up falling down on all this is still an open question. Now, a couple of sound bites before we go to the break. We have attempted to…

You know, I’d better wait on this because this is actually more than just a couple of sound bites. It’s about the nature of the protests and who these people are and why they’re there. And the media, of course, is trying to portray all these protesters as primarily Republicans angry at their own representatives for taking away health care. “It’s Republicans that are showing up. It’s Republicans… There’s some Democrats, too, but it’s a majority of Republicans angry at the Republicans taking away Obamacare.”

That’s what the media wants you to believe.

I told you that Obama was not gonna go away. I told you that Obama was going to continue to portray himself as a player and that he would do anything he could to protect the unraveling of his administration. The only thing I was wrong about is how he would do it. I fully expected Obama to be on TV by now — being interviewed by friends at CNN or wherever — and openly criticizing Trump and rallying. It’s not how he’s doing it. He’s doing it with his community organizing groups.

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