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RUSH: Have you ever heard of Carleton University? Do you know where it is? It’s in Canada. Carleton University removes scales from the campus gym to promote body acceptance. “Scales are very triggering,” said Carleton freshman Samar El Faki. She said that scales make people nervous and it shames people into becoming thin, thinner than they should be, so no more scales.

The Air Force says words like “boy” and “girl” now can be offensive. That’s according to an email sent to airmen at Joint Base San Antonio. An outraged airman sent a copy to Todd Starnes of Fox News as evidence the military’s still infected with Obama era of political correctness. The email includes an attachment that listed a number of words and phrases that might be construed as offensive and you’d best not say them in the Air Force.

“Boy,” “girl,” “you people,” “colonial,” “blacklist,” “blackmail,” “blackball,” “sounds Greek to me,” “blondes have more fun,” “too many chiefs, not enough Indians,” none of that’s permitted anymore. That’s racist. That’s stereotypical. It’s bigoted. “Boy,” “girl,” “colonial,” “blacklist,” “blackmail,” “blackball.” Let’s just get rid of the word “black.” I guess we couldn’t do that.

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