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RUSH: If there was ever an award for the most ironic news story, this could win it.

The Washington Post recently reported on the problems illegal immigrants face after they’ve been deported back to Mexico. It’s supposed to make you cry and make you mad.

Some of the illegal immigrants that the Post chose to profile lived in America for decades. They are said to “barely recognize” the Mexico they were forced to return to, and there are other problems.

Amalia Garcia, Mexico City’s labor department secretary, complains that “many of these people come not knowing how to speak Spanish.” Not knowing the language of the country they’re living in makes them feel “very bitter, very ashamed, and very hurt.” It does?

Another problem for the newly arrived Mexicans is that their kids are having problems attending school. Apparently, the Mexican government puts up all sorts of roadblocks. For instance, transcripts of their grades in the United States must be en Espanol. And the red tape applying to school can take over a year to fix.

But for many, the biggest problem is that the Mexican government isn’t generous with public assistance. Welfare benefits!

There’s no government-mandated bilingual help. There are no schools and few welfare benefits. And this is for people who are Mexican citizens! Not illegal immigrants! So, welcome home to Mexico, mi amigos!

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