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RUSH: On Monday afternoon, right before that big blizzard was supposed to destroy New York City, the National Weather Service knew the storm might fizzle, but they kept giving worst-case predictions of “epic snow amounts.” Because, according to The Washington Post, they didn’t want to confuse the public, because they’re a bunch of idiots.

The Post criticizes that decision. They call it “well-intentioned, but flawed.” They say it could erode public trust in weather forecasts. The Weather Service “has a responsibility to put out the best possible forecast,” says The Post. If they learn that they’re wrong about something, they must revise their forecasts and tell the public immediately.

Well. That’s not how the Post or other Drive-By Media outlets think about other climate forecasting.

For decades, there have been all kinds of melodramatic global warming forecasts that haven’t happened. “The end of snow,” for instance. When it turned out some so-called climate scientists faked their data, the Drive-By Media ignored it. When it was obvious the world wasn’t heating up as predicted, they broomed the term “global warming” and started saying “climate change” instead.

So the Drive-By Media is upset that the Weather Service will “erode public trust” by not reporting accurate forecasts the day before a storm. But they couldn’t care less about the bogus forecasts of climate doom that they’ve been reporting for decades. Anybody have a little problem with this?

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