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Mar 21, 2017


“I also am more convinced than ever that what the Democrats were largely doing yesterday was just that: feeding the paranoid, insane Democrat base, because the expectations that there’s going to be an impeachment of Donald Trump have been raised so high that the Democrat base will accept nothing less than that. And that’s the pressure that everybody’s operating under here, including, I believe, Comey.”


“So it’s in the Stack of Stuff over here that I call the Holdover Stack. At the end of every program I go through everything I didn’t get to, and if I think it’s got value for the next day or another day, I put it in the Holdover Stack, and then I go through the Holdover Stack about 15 minutes before show time just to see what’s there.”

“Russia didn’t do any of the things that led to the Democrats losing the election. Not a single thing. The Democrats lost this election on substance. The Democrats lost this election on personality. The Democrats lost this election on policy. The Democrats lost this election on arrogance. The Democrats lost this election on condescending attitudes toward most Americans.”


Here are some of the places I go to prepare for the show:





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