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RUSH: If you thought that Tom Perez, the new Democrat National Committee chairman, would lead his party as a responsible adult, bad news. You were wrong. I never thought he would anyway.

Last Friday, Perez spoke to a crowd in Newark, New Jersey. He worked the crowd into a frenzy. He shouted: “Donald Trump, you don’t stand for our values! You didn’t win the election!”

And there was more, but let’s stop right there. If Donald Trump didn’t win the election, who did? I don’t see Bernie Sanders signing executive orders in the Oval Office. And we certainly don’t see Hillary Clinton leading the liberal pantsuit brigade from the White House.

Perez went on to call Trump a bully and told his audience that Trump doesn’t “give a sh– about people.”

The Drive-By Media is reporting that Perez gave a “fiery” speech. It wasn’t fiery. It was vulgar, it was ignorant, it was low-rent and hateful, from the guy, remember, who was Obama’s Labor Secretary.

For those of you who keep demanding a truce in our politics, I hope you’re listening very carefully here. What came out of Tom Perez’s mouth oughta be a lesson to you. There is no working with these people. There is no room for compromise and there is no possibility of civil discourse.

They are deranged. They are driven by hate and rage. They are consumed by it. Their defeat is the only thing we can do.

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