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RUSH: The wacko far-left mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio, is a bitter critic of President Trump. He recently vowed that New York will remain a sanctuary city, no matter what the president or the Attorney General says.

Apparently, some New York City cops see things differently.

The mayor had ordered that federal immigration officials are to be contacted only when an illegal immigrant is accused of a violent crime. But recently, two “nonviolent” illegal immigrants were given up to ICE by the New York police department.

One of the illegals — a guy deported in the past — was accused of rubbing up against a woman on the subway. A misdemeanor. The other guy has a standing deportation order and is accused of burglary. The NYPD reportedly alerted ICE of their court appearances.

A police department spokesman tried to downplay the whole thing, insisting that de Blasio’s sanctuary policies were not compromised. We don’t know what will happen to the cops who ratted out the bad hombres. It depends how vindictive the mayor is.

But we have learned something. While rubbing up on women in subways and burglary may not be big deals to the mayor of New York, there are still some cops who take those things seriously.  Thank goodness. It still doesn’t resolve the problem, however, that New York is trying harbor bad guys to the detriment of their own population. Go figure.


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