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RUSH: Rank-and-file Democrats say they’re still being ignored by their national party leaders.

The Washington Post sat in on a recent Youngstown, Ohio democrat strategy session. Locals complained that the Democrat Party’s “comeback strategy” was designed by elitists, protesters, and wacko consultants from California and New York. People who don’t have a clue what democrats in middle America care about.

A county chairman said that even though they scream about the economy and jobs their national democrats “still don’t get it.” He said Trump talks about trade and jobs while these Democrat elites are “still obsessing about which bathrooms people go into.”

He said the Democrat party sets their hair on fire and runs around “like it’s the end of the world” whenever Trump so much as sneezes but Democrats in middle America don’t care about the stuff. They’re struggling, “living paycheck to paycheck,” trying to make ends meet. And their party is still doesn’t care.

The Post also quotes Ohio Democrat Congressman Tim Ryan, who says the Democrat party’s relationship with blue-collar workers,  who were once the base,  is fundamentally broken.

These local Democrats are right. They are being ignored. And it won’t change anytime soon. Because to Democrats in Washington are embarrassed of anybody who doesn’t live in New York, Washington or  California.  Doesn’t matter what party, they don’t like ya.

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