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RUSH: Mike Cox is a climate change adviser in the EPA’s Seattle office. He’s not happy. He sent the director of the EPA, Scott Pruitt, a very mean letter very alarmed about the new direction of the EPA.

Cox complained that Trump Administration policies are contrary to what a majority of the American people want. The American people, he said, want safe air, clean water, and safe land. Cox bravely said all this on his way out the door. He’s retiring from the EPA.

Folks, do you really believe that Trump, or us, want dirty water and dirty air and bad land? Is that really what they’re implying here? Do they realize how stupid and dumb making that claim really is?

Let me tell you what this guy is really upset about. He’s upset that Trump is shutting down all of this having to do with the global warming hoax, which is what a majority of the America really want. They want to stop being blamed for something they’re not doing: destroying the planet.

Another reason this little guy is ticked off is that the Trump team is erasing many of the job-killing regulations put in place by unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats like this guy Mike Cox and his buddies.

The truth is Cox is freaked out because he’s watching his life’s work at the EPA unraveling. The majority of the American people are literally thrilled to death that is happening.

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