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RUSH: There’s a special election in Kansas today. I have to tell you this. You know, I’m on the mailing list for Jonathan Martin, who’s a reporter at the New York Times. He used to be at Politico. And that’s how I’m on the mailing list. I used to communicate email back and forth. He would email me asking for a quote on something, treating me, as he should, as a source authority. When he got to the New York Times, treating me as a source authority ceased and desisted, but he still sends me his stuff.

Mike Pompeo

So he has a story in the New York Times today about the special election in Kansas, and I got the link to it last night. And I’m telling you that the entire Washington establishment led by the media is looking at this special election with laser-like focus. This is the seat that was held by Mike Pompeo. Mike Pompeo is now the CIA director. So the seat is open, necessitating the special election. It is in a district that encompasses part of Wichita, which happens to be where — dadelut dadelut dadelut — the Koch brothers are.

Koch Industries, the world headquarters is in Wichita, Kansas. Charles Koch lives there and is still there. David Koch, the other Koch brother, gallivants around New York. Charles Koch is still there. And they have another brother, Bill Koch, who is here. He’s got the most phenomenal (unintelligible) and won the America’s Cup way back when. Great guy. Anyway, I don’t know that the Koch brothers have anything to do with this. But Martin’s story and the media are hoping that the Democrats win this special election because if the Democrats win the special election in Kansas, it’ll mean that Trump doesn’t have any coattails.

It’ll mean that Trump’s lost his coattails. It’ll mean that Trumpism is over. It’ll mean that the people of America are fed up with Trump. That’s what they’re gonna say, all that and more, if the Democrats win this special election. Now, Pompeo owned this seat, but he’s not there. And the Democrats have poured a lot of money into it. The Republicans the same. And it’s fascinating. They’ve got every hope and dream that the establishment has that Trump is temporary, is not really president, it’s an illusion. Everybody’s living a nightmare. And it could all be proven if the Republicans do not hold this seat in the special election.

They’re hoping that what it’s going to show is that there’s distrust and anger and frustration with Trump because Trump violated so many campaign promises. Obamacare isn’t repealed, there aren’t any tax cuts, the wall hasn’t been built, and Trump launched a military strike against Syria. All of those things it is believed that Trump supporters despise, are angry at, and now hate Trump. And we’re gonna get all the proof in this special election when the results are known. Now, if the Republicans hold the seat, it’s gonna be a suicide watch. Well, maybe not. They’ll manufacture an excuse, blaming the Democrat candidate for lack of enough money or what have you. But they’re really salivating about it.

But, folks, I think the wall’s gonna get built, somehow, some way, a portion of the wall. There will be a structure that goes up, and it will have an observation deck, and it will have a sauna, and it will have hot tubs and stuff. It’ll be a tourist attraction. It might even have exclusive Trump hotel suites, you can stay at the wall, you can vacation at the wall. Wouldn’t that be cool if that kind of structure went up? Those are the kinds of things Trump’s known for. That would really frost them.

But in all candor, and I have no evidence I can cite, this is just an instinct of mine that there is still this wild opposition to Trump institutionally within the Washington establishment and many of them are still of the mind that they can stop him and render him irrelevant by simply failing to enact his agenda. That’s all they have to do to destroy Trump is fail to enact his agenda. That means his voters will blame him for not being able to get things done after bragging during the campaign how he’s the only guy that could get things done.

So that’s the effort. Thwart his agenda, force you people that love Trump to turn on him ’cause he can’t actually do what he said he was gonna do. That’s what is really going on here. And this is what they don’t understand. Trump will find a way around it, as long as he convinces his voter base that he’s still focused like a laser on all those things and intends to get them done.

See. Do we have time. Yes, we do.


RUSH: I have a question about this special election in Kansas. And my question is, how do the Democrats think they even have a chance at winning this election? How can they possibly hope to win this election? Look, if the Russians were able to tamper with a nationwide presidential election to shaft Hillary Clinton, wouldn’t it be simple to tamper with a single congressional election in Wichita?

I mean, come on. On what basis do the Democrats think they’ve even got a chance here? Knowing how Trump colludes with the Russians to screw Democrats out of elections. How come we haven’t had a story about that? How come we haven’t seen a story about Russian collusion with Trump and these special elections, huh? In fact, what’s happened to that story all over the place?


RUSH: Donald Trump recorded a robo-call for the special election in Kansas today, throwing his weight behind the Republican in a race that the Drive-Bys say is very, very close. And they’re all invested in the Democrat winning the special election — it’s Mike Pompeo’s seat — ’cause if the Democrats can win the special election, it means the Democrats gonna win back the House. It means the Democrats gonna win back the Senate! It means that Trumpism is over. If the Democrats can win a special election this soon, even before Trump’s hundred days are over, it means that the bloom is off the rose and the nation realizes what a mistake they made with Trump and that they can’t wait to elect Democrats.

That’s how this is gonna be portrayed if the Democrats win the special election in Kansas today. Here’s the robo-call that Trump made…

THE PRESIDENT: We’re going to do things really great for our country. Our country needs help. Ron is gonna be helping us big league. But I need Republicans like Ron Estes to help me get the job done. This is an important election. There’s really very few much more important, and I need your vote for Ron Estes on Tuesday.

RUSH: So that’s the Trump robo-call trying to get the vote out for Ron Estes, running for the seat held by Mike Pompeo, who’s now director at the CIA. And folks, I’m not exaggerating. If the Democrats win this, the media’s gonna say everything I just said and more. It’s gonna mean that not even after his first hundred days, the country realizes what a mistake they made and can’t wait for every chance they get to vote Democrat again. Make no mistake about it. You people in Wichita, in this election you need to remember that, because that’s exactly how they’re gonna play it if Estes loses this thing.

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