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RUSH: The second big story is how the Democrats… Remember we talked about it yesterday. Democrats were gonna take that special election in Kansas. This guy Estes? He was going down. Ron Estes was going down. This is the Mike Pompeo seat. There’s a special election ’cause Trump sent Mike Pompeo to CIA and there’s a special election to replace. The media yesterday was all about, “See? Democrats are gonna win this seat proving that Trump is hated and despised and everybody wants him to go, and his agenda has been pronounced a failure!”

Except Estes won.

So they’re ignoring that story.


RUSH: This special election in Kansas. I can’t tell you, you look at the news headlines in the days leading up to the special election yesterday, and virtually every one of them, every headline was a dream of Democrat victory of varying kinds, landslide narrowly. It was gonna be the first big dent in the Trump agenda, and they knew it was gonna happen because they know even in flyover country Trump is now hated. They had all kinds of things invested in the Democrat winning, and it didn’t happen.

What did happen is that Ron Estes won by, what was it, six point, eight points or something like that? And so the Democrat line is, “Well, yes, he won, but it was close. There’s nothing positive for Trump to take away.” Really? Nothing positive to take away? Based on your expectations, based on what you set up, that Trump was gonna lose and be humiliated, his agenda was gonna be stopped on a dime because of this election. The guy wins by 6.8%, and you say it’s too narrow a victory to draw any conclusions from?

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