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RUSH: Scott Pruitt is President Trump’s new administrator at the EPA. He’s getting around-the-clock protection detail and the Washington Post is making a big deal about it. They point out Obama’s appointee, Gina McCarthy, got full protection when she traveled internationally, but other than that she only needed security going to and from work.

The Post says that Scott Pruitt is a polarizing pick to head the EPA because he attacked the agency when he was the attorney general of Oklahoma. And they admit that there have been lots of protests since he was appointed. But they say it’s still unclear why he needs the extra security.

Well let me try to explain this. He needs it because since Trump was elected president you leftists have become totally unhinged. Did you forget the violence in the streets on Inauguration Day? Arsonists set fire to a limo right near the Washington Post’s headquarters.

How about the violent protest when Trump’s Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos, attempted to enter a public school. She was physically assaulted by leftist protesters in broad daylight. And how about the threats, including the college professor the other day, who called for Trump to be hanged?

The danger is real. The vicious left is exploding in unhinged fury and the Drive-By Media continues to help foment the hate. That’s why the need for extra security. It’s the smart thing to do, at least for awhile until we beat them back.

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