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RUSH: Here’s Bob in Coronado, California. Glad you waited, Bob, Open Line Friday. How are you doing?

CALLER: Thank you. A quick observation and a very short prediction. You astutely pointed out in November that Barack Obama was very popular, had high personal approval ratings, yet his policies were unpopular. And my observation is, I think Trump, although his personal approval ratings are slightly improving, it doesn’t really matter. People like his policies. And going forward into elections like these House races and so forth, Trump is popular as far as getting people to vote along with him, even though if they don’t personally like him.

RUSH: You know, this is a very shrewd observation of yours, because, folks, old Bob here is exactly right. Obama was popular, but his policies were hated, and it didn’t make any sense why he’s got the high approval number, unless you factor the racial component, which you have to do. Now, in the case of Trump, old Bob here’s right, Trump’s approval numbers are coming up. Depending on where you look now, 46%. But his policies are loved and appreciated.

I’m gonna tell you what, folks. If this keeps up — and it’s very, very early — but if these successes, the border and Jeff Sessions, “You are not welcome here. We have closed the border.” If that stuff keeps up and jobs continue to come back, manufacturing jobs, car plants, all this stuff, if the economy picks up and we have some continuing military success, the Democrats don’t have a prayer in 2018 and 2020.

Now, I’m not predicting it because it’s way too far off, but I’m just telling you the Democrats are thinking this way, I guarantee you. Because if these kind of successes continue to pile up, it won’t matter whether Trump’s favorability numbers, likability numbers are all that high, and they’ll come up anyway as these successes mount up. And that’s what Trump does in his own world: Win.

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