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RUSH: Marshall in Pennsylvania, welcome to the program, sir. It’s great to have you here.

CALLER: Hello, Rush. Thank you for taking my call. I just listened to you stating that the Democrat Party has no leadership now. And my question to you is when you’re developing a dependent class, how can you create leadership out of this kind of a situation?

RUSH: You know, I wanted to take your call because, on the surface, it’s a very good question. Here’s his point. The Democrats as a party have been cultivating sponges. Cultivating people who don’t work but instead are dependent. Cultivating poor people who are minorities, maybe illegal immigrants, under the wild hope that they can all be registered to vote and have a majority of these kinds of people voting in every election. They’re totally dependent on government, which means Democrats, so you have them for their entire lives.

And his question is, once you cultivate that as your base, from where do you get your leaders? Where do you get your actual intellectual intelligent leaders if you’re not creating any in your base? If instead what you’re doing is creating a bunch of dependent, mind-numbed robots. And as I say, it is a good question. But the universities are always going to produce, almost like an assembly line — particularly the Ivy League — is always going to be producing them. Well, it’s a point. Not all of them are electable. If you look now, the reason the question is important, because here you had Obama, who was…

He was their savior. I mean, he was god. There was no Svengali, there was no Bannon, there was no really smart guy directing Obama. He was it. It’s human nature. When Obama’s there running everything, they weren’t planning for when there wasn’t gonna be an Obama, even though they knew there wasn’t, and now their top two figures are Crazy Bernie and Elizabeth Warren for the next presidency. Where is their bench? Who makes up the party? Where are the young, energetic Democrats? They’re there, they’re out there. They’re in the progressive movement somewhere. But I do think they have electoral problems, because the Democrat Party…

Folks, let’s face it: The Democrat Party is losing. I know some people are bored with me pointing this out. But, look, it’s relevant here. It was Obama that was rejected in November. It was Obama’s policies, and he put them on the ballot by campaigning for them. He went out campaigning for Hillary saying her election would continue his great presidency, and it was rejected, and it was sent packing. They’ve got problems with their real policy agenda. It is rejected when people know what it is and have that chance.

Until they get leaders with a different agenda or can lie about what the agenda is as well as Obama did, then they’re gonna be in the woods.

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