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Apr 18, 2017


“The Washington Post is withholding the full-fledged review on this book, which is highly critical of Hillary and her campaign, because they want to wait to find out just exactly what the Russians had to do with making her campaign so bad before they acknowledge the accuracy of the book. It’s incredible! It is literally incredible, the alternative universe these people live in.”

“Samuel L. Jackson’s commercial talks about furious anger and vengeance. Do you know what Ossoff’s campaign slogan is? ‘Make Trump Furious.'”


“So it’s in the Stack of Stuff over here that I call the Holdover Stack. At the end of every program I go through everything I didn’t get to, and if I think it’s got value for the next day or another day, I put it in the Holdover Stack, and then I go through the Holdover Stack about 15 minutes before show time just to see what’s there.”

“The media presents its news every day as though whatever they’re mad at, they’re upset about, whatever flaws Trump has, the fact that they’re reporting it means a majority of the country feels the same way. It isn’t true. It’s nowhere close to being true.”


Here are some of the places I go to prepare for the show:





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