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RUSH: I want to congratulate Jon Ossoff for his victory in the Georgia special election last night. He called it a “victory for the ages.” Just such a resounding victory last night for the Democrats and Jon Ossoff, and, as a result of this victory, he has to run again.

If he did it once, he can do it again. They’ve got a runoff coming up on June the 20th where Ossoff will no doubt humiliate Trump once again. Ossoff will no doubt embarrass and humiliate the Republican Party and the seat of Newt Gingrich and Tom Price once again.

The Democrats, a great day. No matter where you look in the Drive-By Media, they’re running around celebrating victory today. And I just want to get in on it. I am so happy for ’em. I’m sure they were asking themselves, “When the hell are we gonna win one? We’re feeling like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, when are we gonna win one?” They won one last night, folks, it’s so great, I don’t care what network you watch, they won one. It was such a big victory, Aaron Hernandez hanged himself in jail up in a prison in New England. It’s an amazing turn of events that happened.

When you look at where we were yesterday discussing what might happen there. Look at all that Hollywood money, the Democrats spent all that money. By the way, we cannot, we cannot discuss this victory without noting that the Democrats also defeated Russia in this election. So Hollywood, they defeated the Republicans, all 11 of ’em, they defeated Trump, and no doubt defeated the Russians.

I mean, I’m surprised I’m sounding so excited about this. I don’t think I have ever been this happy about a Democrat win. It’s just the most amazing thing to see out there, and our politics is taking strange turns and twists. In his victory speech, Jon Ossoff, a/k/a Pajama Boy, praised outside money and interests for his win, his own outside money and his own interests for his win.

He also had some unkind things to say about Paul Ryan’s PAC. You know, the Republicans tried to cheat. The Republicans tried to win this. And the Republicans tried to cheat so bad, they ran 11 people. I mean, you realize how unfair the Republicans are? They don’t care about democracy. All they care about is winning. They ran 11 different people hoping to wipe out this Pajama Boy, future of the Democrat Party, and nevertheless the guy won.

I mean, he ran away with it here. It isn’t even close. If I were the Democrats, I’d make a move to cancel the runoff election and just say we’ve already won it, why don’t you Republicans give up. The Republicans might agree to that. (laughing) Given the way things seem to be going. No, I’m just reflecting what I’m seeing in the media. I mean, let’s go to the audio sound bites. Grab sound bite number one, a montage, Drive-By Media celebrating the victory, Pajama Boy Jon Ossoff yesterday.

ALISYN CAMEROTA: (music) A wake-up call for Republicans in a deep red state, Georgia. A Democrat, Jon Ossoff, coming within just a couple of percentage points of an outright victory.

RUSH: Stop the tape. Stop the tape and rewind it. See, outright victory, he won, folks, it was a victory, he won. Okay, just a couple of points away from an outright win. See how this happens? See, now that you know how to listen to this. That’s the lovely and gracious — oops, can’t say that. Sexist. That’s the infobabe Alisyn Camerota.

Well, you’re not supposed to comment on women’s appearance. You can’t do it. If they don’t look pretty, you can make mention of it ’cause that makes ’em sad victims, but if they’re pretty you can’t talk about it. Well, infobabe is sort of a patented comment now. I mean, the infobabes even like being called infobabes.

They might publicly tell you they don’t, but they privately do. But if a woman is attractive you don’t dare say it. Makes you sexist, misogynist, any number of things. Unattractive women, hey, notice it and promote ’em. I mean, it’s all about victims and overcoming bias. Anyway, Alisyn Camerota, infobabe, leads the montage, and here it is again.

ALISYN CAMEROTA: (music) A wake-up call for Republicans in a deep red state, Georgia. A Democrat, Jon Ossoff, coming within just a couple of percentage points of an outright victory.

KATE BOLDUAN: (music) A wake-up call for Republicans and a near-miss for Democrats, just missing the 50% mark to win outright.

CHRIS CUOMO: (music) It’s not over, though. He’s gonna compete in a runoff election in June against the distant second-place finisher. The race is seen by many as a referendum on President Trump.

RUSH: Stop the tape. You see, Trump lost last night. It’s a referendum on Trump just like, do you remember — and if you don’t, we’re gonna remind you — do you remember the general election where the Drive-Bys were saying Hillary was gonna upset Trump in Georgia? You remember this?

The Drive-Bys were saying the same thing about Hillary in Georgia as they were saying here about Pencil Neck Pajama Boy. Hillary was gonna upset upset Trump in Georgia. Hillary was gonna win a deep red conservative state just like this guy, except the difference is this guy did win and Hillary lost.

SAVANNAH GUTHRIE: This was considered an early test of President Trump’s influence. The Democratic upstart Jon Ossoff finished on top, falling just short of an outright victory.

KRISTEN WELKER: Ossoff got awfully close, enough to have the political world asking, could Georgia become a referendum on President Trump?

CECILIA VEGA: It is being called a referendum on President Trump.

GAYLE KING: Democrats tried to turn it into a referendum on President Trump.

NANCY CORDES: Democrats were hoping to use this race to show that they are pushing back successfully on Donald Trump.

RUSH: Well, if you listen to them, they are. Ossoff won. Trump’s scared to death. Trump is so disoriented, you know what he did the other day? He said that a giant armada was sailing toward North Korea. But it wasn’t. Trump was so distracted by this race in Georgia and so aware that he was gonna lose it that he sent the fleet to the wrong place.

No, no. CNN actually has a graphic: “Trump ordered armada to North Korea, says it’s on the way — but it isn’t.” CNN actually thinks that Trump tells them the truth about these things. They don’t understand Trump yet at all. Here’s Ossoff from his victory speech last night at Ossoff Pajama Boy campaign headquarters.

OSSOFF: There is no doubt that this is already a victory for the ages. (cheers) We have defied the odds. We have shattered expectations. (cheers) So bring it on.

RUSH: All right, right on. Congratulations on this big win. I am happy to join Democrats in every victory like this. Victory for the ages. You just heard him say victory for the ages. And I am more than happy, I mean, I will cross the aisle, I will offer the hand of friendship. I will offer to, well, not compromise, but I will gladly help them celebrate this win.

I just want to get it on record that I, Rush Limbaugh, totally shockingly here pledge and promise to support any other Democrat victories like this for the rest of the time I follow politics. I’m all-in on this. Isn’t it a great day? And the Democrats, they’re wondering are they ever gonna win anything again. And now they have. And they almost won outright. Almost.

And now Trump is quaking in his boots. May not be able to actually watch the election returns on June 20th because it’s going to be so, so, so nerve-wracking because on June 20th, the Trump administration and presidency will once again be on the block and ready to be chopped off.


RUSH: Yes siree bob, my friends. It’s good times for Jon Ossoff and the Democrat Party with a victory for the ages last night in the election, the Georgia 6th district, the special election. Now, in his victory-for-the-ages speech last night, Ossoff blamed outside money and interests — outside money and outside interests — for his loss. You know how much outside money opposed Ossoff last night? Something like that $2 million. You know how much outside money supported Ossoff last night? Close to 10 million. He had more than $8 million…

He had an $8 million spending advantage on his behalf primarily from Hollywood and some Democrat groups. The outside money that Ossoff is referring to from the RNC in a PAC with connections to Paul Ryan was about $2 million. They spent the money on ads, and they spent the money on get-out-the-vote workers to counter the between eight and $10 million that Ossoff had. But really, folks, how dare the Republican Party interfere in an election like this! Haven’t they learned what happened to the Russians for interfering in the election for Trump?

So now Ossoff, in his victory-for-the-ages speech, essentially has accused the Republican Party of outside interference in trying to win this election. Local elections, special elections like this should be the exclusive reserve of the Democrat Party and their Hollywood benefactors and whoever else makes up the Democrat glitterati. How dare the Republicans! How dare they contest this race? That constitutes interference. I mean, you listen to the media leading up to the election, this was a slam dunk. It was a referendum on Trump. Ossoff was gonna run away with it. He was gonna maybe marry the girlfriend of 12 years.

But regardless, she’s gonna graduate from med school. They were gonna move back to the district. It was going to be a fairy tale, and Trump was gonna be practically rendered invisible. And then the Republicans had the audacity to interfere in this election by running 11 candidates. And when the Republicans do stuff like that, folks, that’s what really ticks off the Democrats. When the Republicans actually try to win the same seats that Democrats feel entitled to, well, that’s when the Democrats and that’s when the media (that’s when the deep state) get really mad.

Because this is indicative of the fact the Republicans don’t know their place. They’re supposed to sit there and be nonfactors and nonentities, and whenever the Democrats say they want something, the Democrats are supposed to get it. But the Republicans didn’t play ball. They actually interfered in an election. What do you mean, it’s a Republican seat? (chuckles) No, no, no, no, no, no! Note this: Since Trump won, the Republicans are entitled to nothing because Trump’s victory and his presidency are illegitimate. That’s why the Democrats are entitled to win every election since, which they did last night. They’re celebrating a victory for the ages. Congrats again!


RUSH: Now, folks, the Democrat Party is indeed attempting to act as though they won. They had a moral victory. The media is actually leading the charge, again. As you see, it’s the media carrying that water. It’s not the Democrats. The Democrats are followers on this. The Democrats are taking their cues from the media. The media is desperate to portray this election last night as something that it was not. Once again, the Democrat Party cannot find a way to immerse itself in reality.

Now, there’s a whole lot of stuff happening in our country, and among those things going on, the Democrat Party as an electoral machine is getting smaller and smaller. It’s becoming a regional political party. That does not mean that liberalism and the progressive left are also dwindling away. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. The media is also not getting smaller. The media is not losing any of its power. Well, the media’s lost quite a bit of power in that they had a monopoly. But the terrible fortunes of the Democrat Party are not proportionately shared by the media. The media’s losing ad revenue. The media’s losing viewers.

But it’s nowhere near the fade that is happening to the Democrat Party.

They can come back too. Nobody Officer permanent in politics. But their problem is further compounded because they are blinded by literally hate. They have become the nation’s largest hate group. They are official sponsors of hatred, and they promote it. It is the primary reason for their existence, and it’s the primary tool they use to try to get people to vote for them. And it doesn’t work. You can go back to Mrs. Clinton. You can… I remember mentioning this during the campaign. I asked any of you who wanted to call, “Can any of you tell me why Hillary Clinton is running?

“Can any of you tell me why her supporters are so rabidly behind her?” Of course, they weren’t rabidly behind her. She had her small cadre of loyalists, and that cadre of loyalists was largely gender and sexual-orientation related and ideologically related. But there wasn’t any policy behind it. Hillary Clinton was running for president simply ’cause it was owed to her. She was running for president because she really does any think of herself as better than everybody else. She’s a better human being, better DNA, smarter, more aware. There was a story… I’m gonna get into this later, but I’m gonna tease this.

Over the weekend, there was a story in the Washington Post that depicted major fallout between a couple of writers. Hillary Clinton’s book It Takes a Village was ghostwritten. The author ([Barbara] Feinman, I think was her name) after the book came out, Bob Woodward apparently was so impressed that he invited her to come over to his house on a Sunday afternoon and just have coffee and chat about things. So she did. She went over to Woodward’s house, where Woodward told her how great that book was and how great she was, what a great writer she was. She got very comfortable with Woodward.

The story is that she divulged a story to Woodward and claims that he promised her that he would not use it, that she was saving it for a future work on Hillary Clinton. And you know what that story was? Hillary Clinton was conducting seances in the White House as first lady to have chats with Eleanor Roosevelt. Do you remember that story when Clintons were in the White House? It was to deal with the pressures, the intense pressures of being first lady. What were those pressures? The pressures were rooted in the fact that Hillary thought all along she should have been president, with Bill the lapdog.

And so she’s dealing with the pressure of health care failing and dealing with the pressure of not getting the pedestal treatment that she was demanding. So she told people that she was conducting seances and actually talking to the spirits of Eleanor Roosevelt in various rooms of the White House. Well, I remember that when it happened. We had our fun with it. We had fun with it on the TV show, had fun with it here. Well, it turns out that the source for that actually gave it to Bob Woodward. Woodward ended up using it in a book. He violated the promise he had made to the babe who ghost wrote It Takes a Village.

Now the argument is, Woodward said, “I never — I never — I never — I never promised her that! I would never tell anybody don’t tell me something that you can’t use. I would never. I’m Bob Woodward! I would never do it.” There’s a big argument raging about this now. But that’s not it. (laughing) The story is Hillary Clinton was actually admitting, she was actually communicating with a dead spirit. Mr. Snerdley, do you remember when it happened? Remember when the news actually happened? The Drive-Bys were all agog!

They were so dazzled. They were so impressed. Why, if Hillary was gonna seek guidance and reassurance from any first lady ever, FDR’s wife, Eleanor Roosevelt, couldn’t have been a better choice. Like she could have sought out Dolley Madison, she could have sought out Martha Washington, she could have sought out Abraham Lincoln. She could have tried to get hold of any number of deceased first ladies. But she zeroed in on Eleanor Roosevelt. I remember the media just thinking this was great, and it was cool. We look back on it now, and we have an idea who this woman has been all of these years.

So you go back to this campaign of 2016. She was not Nobody could give a reason why she was running other than it was her turn, other than she was owed, other than the Democrat National Committee owed her twice. It was supposed to be hers in 2008, and then Barack Hussein O came along and stole it. So they promised her it would be 2016 and they were gonna rig the primaries so that anybody that rose up against her would be screwed. That did happen to Crazy Bernie, and she still lost! Now, you look at what happened in Georgia yesterday. You look at all of the… They’re talking about the money that the Democrats spent on Pajama Boy.

That’s not even the half of it. Look at the free multiple millions in advertising via news coverage that the guy got. By the same token, look at all the derision and negative coverage all of the Republicans and Trump got that didn’t cost the Democrats anything. You want to talk about outside interference, which this guy’s claiming Ryan got involved with outside money, even though this guy spent $8 million of outside money more than Ryan did, and he didn’t even live in the district! So this guy’s wailing and whining and moan about it, even though he had a victory for the ages. The other side dared to try to win it.

These guys had the full support and the untold millions of dollars in equivalent coverage provided for free by the Drive-By Media, and that coverage built Pajama Boy up like he was the Second Coming. They built his girlfriend up like she was the next first lady. They built them up as the model couple. At the same time, running every Republican in the race down. Ripping the previous holders of the seat down. Tom Price? A louse! Newt Gingrich? An absolute pig!

Anybody who had held that seat was an absolute idiot, and it was finally the Democrats’ turn! They’re all — and the guy still could not really win it. In their world, he won. In the real world, they lost. If they… Oh! With a Republican vote split 11 ways, they still couldn’t win. This is reality, and this is the way you have to look at this. And if the Democrats don’t look at it this way, they’re gonna keep looking, because they’re gonna continue to lie to themselves like they’re doing today, telling themselves they had a moral win, and they got ever so close and they’re gonna win the runoff.

“Oh, yeah, we can’t wait for the runoff June 20th ’cause we’re gonna smoke ’em. And we’re gonna cream Trump. And we’re gonna claim the country back. And we’re gonna convince everybody Trump’s presidency is illegitimate. And we’re gonna delegitimize everything that’s happened since November.” And they really sit here and believe it, and they refuse to admit what happened. They had a candidate they thought was Mr. Perfect. Pajama Boy, perfect girlfriend, medical student.

Oh, by the way, I want to repeat an observation I made yesterday. Look at all of this money. Look at all of this support. Look at all of this fawning media coverage for who? A couple of white people aimed primarily at helping a white guy defeat who? A woman. Where is all this talk about empowering women? The Democratic National Committee, the Democrat Party and its willing aides, allies sought to destroy yet another woman in politics, the Republican women running for this race. Nobody talks about the hypocrisy of this.

If they couldn’t get 50% of the vote with 11 or 12 Republicans and $8 million advantage in spending and all of Hollywood’s influence, Samuel L. Jackson and, you know, whatever B-listers they brought in there, all the free local media that no doubt was in favor of the Democrats, and they still couldn’t pull this off. And yet they’re out there claiming moral victory. They’re out there claiming, oh, they came so close. Trump’s scared to death, they think. Trump’s sitting there and he’s barely able to get out of bed today, so razor close. Trump knows his days are numbered. Once they win this in June, Trump may as well resign and pack it in ’cause it’s over.

That’s what they’re telling themselves. They had a bad candidate who was hyped and fueled beyond any realistic human experience and ability. He was aided and abetted by outside money from people who have no idea what that district is. Most of the people that gave money to this guy would need a visa to even find this district in Georgia. And once they went there they would never tell their friends they actually did. ‘Cause Georgia’s in the South, you know, and that’s where those Beauregard types live with the guns and babies and pro-life people.

They went in there to help the guy. They had to sneak out of the cover of darkness so that none of their friends ever knew that they were there. It’s the Hillary campaign all over again in microcosm. And for a while they were telling themselves that Hillary won, that Russia cheated them. Now somehow this guy got cheated by somebody.

Meanwhile, he was caught misleading voters about his resume, stated he had five years of experience as a national security aide with top secret clearance. He had clearance for five months. The guy was built up beyond any possibility of meeting these expectations. That’s why I say, my friends, I will continue to support the Democrats in victory after victory of this type for as long as they want.

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