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RUSH: The last thing I said on this program yesterday was an urging of President Trump not to have any meetings on the Paris climate accord, to not go there, to don’t do it. Headline today: “White House Postpones Meeting on Paris Climate Deal.” Yes. That’s all it took. Now, to make it permanent.


RUSH: When this program ended yesterday, I made mention of a story that members of the Trump administration were gonna have an internal meeting about climate change, and specifically the Paris Agreement, the Paris accords. Now, I give Trump a lot of latitude and leeway because I understand him. I know how to translate Trump. I’ll give you an example of that. Trump has said that we have a giant armada floating on its way to the shores of North Korea. But we don’t. And so CNN is beside itself. They think Trump’s an idiot.

They think the Navy’s moving around and Trump doesn’t even know where.

They think Trump’s ordering the Navy to go places and the Navy is saying, “Screw you! We’re not going there. We’re gonna go where we want to go.” And Trump doesn’t know, or Trump does know and he’s just lying through his teeth, he’s not sending an armada to North Korea but he’s lying. In either analysis, the media thinks that Trump’s either a liar or an absolute idiot. I, on the other hand… All you have to do is listen to Trump. How many times has he admonished media people who have asked him for specifics on military strategy, both philosophically and real? And every time he’s asked that question, he says, “I’m not gonna tell you!”

And then he launches into how stupid the Obama administration was for telegraphing every major military operation we had down to the day and hour it was gonna happen. Why would we do that? It’s stupid. I think Trump is parlaying a bunch of factors. I think he wants these pot belly dictator lunatics to not be sure of him. I don’t think Trump cares if somebody like Kim Jong-un thinks he’s unpredictable, erratic. I think anything Trump can do to keep these guys off guard he’s perfectly fine with.

But the media is quick to jump on this business of Trump the idiot, Trump the buffoon, Trump the placeholder with his military actually running operations and maybe not even bothering to tell Trump, so he goes out and makes stupid statements. But Donald Trump during the campaign made it explicitly clear, and there was no misdirection and there was no “but,” there was no uncertainty at all.

Donald Trump was opposed to this entire premise of man-made climate change, global warming. He was opposed to all of the policies and solutions that resulted from this hoax. He was in no way, shape, manner, or form gonna fall for it. He suckered the New York Times into maybe thinking he was changing his mind, but he never was getting close. He went an editorial board meeting and he had Little Pinch, Arthur Sulzberger thinking Trump was on the verge of changing his mind, but he wasn’t.

And then that story hit yesterday that aides and officials in the administration were having a meeting to figure out and plot strategy, policy for dealing with the Paris accords. And I practically shouted at the end of this program, “No, Mr. President, do not do it. Don’t go there. Do not do this.” This was a steady, rock solid campaign promise. And you know why I’m opposed to global warming, this whole man-made climate change hoax. Because that issue contains practically every absurd anti-freedom idea the progressive left has.

In one issue, if they were to prevail with this at the top levels of government and be able enforce all this insane, ludicrous stuff that they believe about this, it would be second only to the power they would have over people via health insurance and health care. So when I saw that story, I got a little nervous, because I know that there are people in the Trump cabinet that are all for this climate change stuff.

The people in business that are for this man-made climate change theory are not in it because of the ideology. It’s just like the insurance companies did not sign on to Obamacare because they believe that government should run everything. They signed on because of the specifics that Obama gave them. Part of Obamacare was that every American was going to be required by law to buy their product. How do you not support that if you’re the insurance companies? You got stockholders. But they didn’t buy into it because they believed the ideology. It’s the same thing with this climate change stuff. It’s because they’ve figured out a way to make profit after profit after profit in business if a lot of people are operating under the premise that we’re destroying the planet.

It’s one thing that’s upset me about the evolution of politics for a long time, because it was not that long ago that it was a truism that successful private sector businesspeople were not eager to work with government. They thought government would get in their way. Government was regulations. Government was obstacles. They wanted no part of it.

But once the idea of cronyism crept in, and if you as a CEO could get tight with a president and his administration and your competitors couldn’t, well, you could use that leverage to do great damage to your competitors without ever having to innovate and be even better than they are. And we saw that, I mean, that was in full force in the Obama years. And that’s what I’m afraid this climate change thing is.

It involves cronyism, and it does not represent — now, there are some people in business that are all-in on this, and they’re insane. But they really believe this nonsense. But the vast majority of businesspeople involved in it, like Tillerson, I mean, Tillerson, here he is in the oil business, and the primary focus of the climate change people is to put the oil business out of business. And yet there’s Tillerson with a couple public statements that he’s made over the course of recent years claiming that it’s a major problem that we have to pay attention to, we got to get to the bottom of, we need to listen to what science is saying.

And it’s all smoke and mirrors. He has to say it for political PR purposes. Or at least he thinks it’d be wise to. Well, the good news is that the White House scrapped the meeting yesterday, the meeting to decide whether they would withdraw from the Paris climate change agreement.

“A White House spokeswoman said the meeting was postponed due to the president’s travel schedule and because some of the participants slated for the meeting are accompanying him to Wisconsin,” and therefore could not go to the meeting. “The White House has said that a decision on whether to exit the Paris agreement would not come until the end of next month. Tuesday’s meeting was meant to form a consensus among factions in the White House on what the decision would be. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and senior adviser and son-in-law Jared Kushner want the U.S. to remain as a party to the deal. Others in his Cabinet, such as Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt, want to pull out of the Paris accord altogether.” That’s what Trump said he was gonna do. He wasn’t gonna have anything to do with it. It was bogus.

And, by the way, he does not think that climate change is a Chinese hoax. It is a hoax that has been authored and created by progressives and liberals, but it doesn’t have a central origin such as in China. So Trump, if the secretary of state thinks we have to do it, Trump has to listen to that. Jared Kushner, I mean, I don’t know about Tillerson’s politics, but Jared is obviously from the left side of the aisle. And those people, it’s not even science with them. It’s almost like a religious belief, almost like we owe it to the Earth.

And the contradictions are so rampant, you can find them all over the place. The claim that climate change is destroying the planet, look at California. The hypocrisy, for example, the drought. There was a four-year drought and the Democrats said that’s it, there’s never gonna be an end to the drought because the drought is the result of climate change, and climate change getting worse and worse, so the drought is never gonna end! And yet we had a three-week rainstorm that wiped out a four-year drought. So they blame climate change for that! What they believe doesn’t stand up to any logical common sense.

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