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RUSH: According to the Drive-By Media, Republicans are having a lot of trouble at their town halls. You know why? Well, supposedly Republicans are showing up mad because Obamacare might be repealed. You know how stupid that is? I mean, repealing Obamacare is what got them to the polls to elect Republicans.

What they’re not reporting in the media is these protesters are not Republicans. They’re organized by Democrats.

But what really isn’t being reported is the trouble Democrats are running into at their town halls. The other day, the Jurassic Park Senator from California, Dianne Feinstein, was jeered at a town hall. Tom Perez, the new head of the DNC, he was booed off the stage at one of his appearances.

Things are so confusing for Democrats these days, that Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill had to assume a new identity at her town hall. She pretended to be fiscally conservative. She was asked about free college tuition. You know what she said? “Well, it’s a great goal, but that would be very expensive. We can’t just start having the government pay for everything.”

To Democrats that’s blasphemy. Their whole agenda is getting government to pay for everything from cradle to grave.

Now McCaskill’s problem is, she’s up for re-election, and her state voted for Trump. She cannot afford to say what she really thinks. And she certainly can’t afford to say what she’ll really do if she fools voters again into sending her back for another term.  Big problems on the Democrat side, folks, don’t doubt me.

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