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RUSH: Would you like to hear the real truth in what happened in this election last night? Do you think you can handle the real truth? Particularly you Democrats and leftists and progressives in the audience? I know you’re there, and you know you’re there, and you know who you are, as do I.

You want to hear the real truth about what happened? You want to hear how big the win for the Republicans really was last night? Even after dumping $8.3 million into the race and the Republicans dividing their vote 11 ways, the Democrats still couldn’t pull Pajama Boy across the finish line to avoid the runoff. And do you know the piece de resistance, the Democrats didn’t even win a majority of the overall vote. He did not win the popular vote.

They’re out there “victory for the ages,” moral victory, it was so close to an outright win. But if you add up all the votes, the total votes for Republicans and others is a greater number than the votes Ossoff got. Ossoff, the other Democrat candidate’s got 94,087 votes. The Republicans, 97,997 votes. About 4,000 votes more than Ossoff. There is no way Ossoff won diddly-squat last night.


RUSH: The views expressed by the host of this program documented to be almost always right 99.8% of the time. Folks, I tell you, I’m thinking of canceling my arrangement with the Sullivan Group. I mean, how much closer can I really get? Why should I keep paying to have these opinion audits done? I mean, when you’re at 99.8%, almost always right, documented? I mean, nobody’s perfect. So the only place I can literally go is 99.9% and then people wouldn’t believe that. I haven’t had a significant update from the Sullivan Group anyway because…

Well, they’re an opinion-auditing firm, and when you’re at 99.8%, do you realize it might require five years of perfection to move up to 99.9%? I already pay a whole lot of people a lot of stuff to do a lot of things, and 99.8%? I mean… (interruption) No, there’s no one even close, so why even…? Granted, it’s a luxury. So I’m just divulging this. I haven’t even discussed it with the Sullivan Group. They may be in panic right now hearing about this, or will soon be when they hear about… (interruption)

Well… (sigh) Actually, if they audit opinions the opinions of others it probably would be much easier for them because everybody else is wrong quite a lot, which is not a difficult calculation to make. I mean, you’re wrong, you’re wrong. But you’re as delicately right as I am — ingeniously so — it takes a lot of research to demonstrate it. At any rate (sigh), it is what it is. We all have our burdens — and I, my friends, try never to share mine with you. (chuckling) 800-282-2882 if you want to be on the program. The email address, ElRushbo@eibnet.us.

What do you think the top story on CNN at the beginning of the hour today is, at one o’clock? Just seven minutes ago, what do you think the top story was on CNN? Why wouldn’t you think it’s the election in Georgia? I mean, the Democrats won! (laughing) You think they might want to get rid of that? Well, they’re talking about the start of Blitzer’s show Russian bombers spotted off Alaska for the second time in 24 hours. Once again, the Russians interfering in the news coverage. If the Russians were not patrolling so near Alaska, they could continue to highlight Ossoff’s victory last night.

But the Russians… Isn’t it amazing how influential the Russians can be even in flavoring news coverage on a supposedly independent network like CNN? I want to play a couple sound bites; then we’re gonna get off of this. We’ve said as much as there can be said about this. And by the, when I say something about anything, there isn’t anything left to say. But I want you to hear a couple sound bites from the Republican winner last night, Karen Handel.

She will be opposing Pajama Boy in the runoff in June. She was on CNN this morning with the infobabe Alisyn Camerota. First question: “Let’s talk about how Ossoff got more than 48% of the vote. I mean, this is a Republican district, right?” Aren’t you embarrassed? Aren’t you ashamed to even show up here? How can you dare? He got 48% of the vote. He’s a Democrat. He’s a Pajama Boy. And you’re a Republican. It’s a Republican district. What do you say about all this?

HANDEL: On the Democrat side, they were largely consolidated around their correlated candidate here, and they spent upwards of close to $10 million. Just on TV alone, $5.5 million compared to roughly $75,000 that I spent on television. So money buys a lot when it’s a very compressed race. That won’t be the same in the runoff. Republicans are united. We know that this is an partisan race and it’s gonna stay in the hands of a Republican, and I’m excited about the next 60 days.

RUSH: Did you get those number figures? She spent $75,000! She’s the leading Republican vote-getter. She’s just under 20% of the vote in an 11-way field. Pajama Boy’s there at 48% of the vote, and Pajama Boy spent $10 million, or he had $10 million spent on his behalf. Camerota then said, “Well, when you look at the numbers, he got 48% of the vote. He almost won it outright!” That’s two questions where she said (paraphrased), “Look, he won it! He almost won it outright, 48% of the vote. For crying out loud, you got 20%! He got 48% of the vote! So is this a referendum on Trump? Is this a message that Democrats are sending? Is Trump in trouble? Are you in trouble? Do you feel like giving up now?”

HANDEL: It’s important to understand that if there was one Republican, it was 52 to 48 or 49, so it still would have been a Republican victory.

RUSH: Exactly.

HANDEL: What I hear out across the district is this: The people of this district want a congressman that they know, that they trust, someone who has a real track record. They’re not interested in someone who doesn’t even live in the district, someone who has a really thin resume and very lacking in experience.

RUSH: She’s right. If you add up… I mentioned it before the end of the first hour: The Republican popular vote was 4,000 votes greater than what Ossoff got. So if there was just one Republican candidate would have been a four-point win. You know, I guarantee you the Democrats are still gonna be claiming moral victory on that, because remember, they’re not grounded in reality. They claim alternative facts and they claim that the reason why conservative media is bad is because people follow us simply because of ideology and the facts get lost. It’s the Democrats that ignore facts.

It’s the Democrats that push ideology. It’s the media that does all that. So they took their lumps again. They got shellacked again. Folks, because the bottom line is, there are no moral victories here. There is no power sharing. Ossoff doesn’t get to go to Washington 48% of the time. It’s another loss. But it’s a loss… You have to look at the context. They lied to themselves for a week and a half that Ossoff had it in the bag. They lied to their voters again. They lied to the fundraisers. You know, at some point, you would think… I doubt that it’s gonna happen.

You would think that at some point all these Democrat donors and voters would begin to get a little suspicious of the media, because the media’s lying to them just as they are lying to us. The media’s out there making the case, “This guy could win! It’s gonna be a big victory! The guy’s an ideal candidate. The Republicans are divided 11 ways. None of the Republicans are worth eating salt. They’re just a bunch of dryballs, and we’ve got the hip guy! We’ve got the hip girlfriend. We’ve got it all! The people hate Trump, we hate Trump, you hate Trump, America hates Trump, America regrets Trump!”

These Democrats eat that up, and they start sending in money, and it goes down the drain. Hillary Clinton believed what the media told them. It’s one of the reasons why she adopted the stature she did of arrogant condescension and she didn’t have to work for it. She didn’t have to campaign. She was gonna win outright, ’cause everybody hated Trump, and the media was telling everybody how hated Trump was and despised. “Trump rallies? They didn’t matter! All those people showing up? You can’t translate that to votes! It doesn’t mean anything.”

The media is lying to themselves, and they’re lying to Democrats.


RUSH: Kennesaw, Georgia, next. Here is Kim. Great to have you. Welcome to the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Hi. I’m so excited to finally get to talk to you, Rush.

RUSH: I appreciate your patience, Kim, I really do. I know you’ve been holding for a while, and I thank you so much.

CALLER: Yeah. I work in the 6th congressional district, but I live in reality. And the reality is that for weeks preceding this election down here, they have been saying that the best Jon Ossoff could do was get into a runoff. The majority of the voters voted Republican. Just as in the presidential election, the majority of people in the majority of states voted for Trump. So I don’t understand how come the Democrats and the press just can’t face or admit any bit of reality.

RUSH: Well, they can’t afford to. They’re never in reality anyway. Liberalism, progressivism, is a constant illusion and delusion. If they had to admit the reality they’re in, they don’t want to even have to deal with it so they’ll continue to live the lie. Look, I want to illustrate your point. Grab sound bite number 20.

A bunch of media people, Hallie Jackson at NBC, John Roberts at Fox, they hounded Spicer today on the idea the Democrats really pulled this off. The Democrats really came close. Why don’t you admit this, Spicer? Why don’t you admit that Trump’s in trouble? Why don’t you admit how well this guy did down here last night? Particularly Hallie Jackson of NBC. She’s just beside herself that Spicer kept talking about what a resounding victory it was for the Republicans and here’s how Spicer said it.

SPICER: There was one candidate on the Democratic side. They spent over eight million dollars (crosstalk) on — one that they backed, I mean let’s… And I think when you look at the total Republican vote, it was over that. This is a district that was very close on the presidential level last cycle and the Democrats went all in on this. They were clear going into this election, they said that their goal was to get over 50%. They came up short. I think this was a big loss for them. The bottom line is they went all in on it. They said that their goal was to get over 50%. They came up short.

RUSH: You ought to hear the media. They all stand up in union, “You can’t say that! You can’t say that! Why are you saying they came really –” And he’s right. They expected no runoff. Now, Kim here said that in the district everybody there knew going in there’s gonna be a runoff, that nobody was gonna win this outright, but the Drive-Bys telling their national audience had everybody convinced that this guy was gonna win it outright.

Expectations were raised. And now Spicer is just throwing cold water on the White House press corps, and they’re not reacting to it well. They do not want to confront it. They don’t want to admit it. They don’t want to deal with it. It presents a great opportunity for the Republicans that I don’t think they’re capitalizing on.

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