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RUSH: Dmitry in Houston. Dmitry, great to have you here. How you doing?

CALLER: Long time. I’m glad to be on the phone with you. We have to go back to the beginning of your conversation talking about that “win for the ages,” quote, end quote. A lot of people forget that in 2010 and 2012 there was a tremendous loss the Democratic Party experienced at the state levels. I want to particularly mention the election in North Carolina which elected a Republican governor and broke like a three-decade record in 2012 and a bunch of congressional seats. At one point, the Republican Party held more than 30 governorships. And Mike Pence was elected in 2012 again. So the media never mention any win for the ages or historical win, you know how they carry a sentence and —

RUSH: This is exactly — Dmitry — and I love that name, by the way, I love getting calls from guys named Dmitry. I do. No, he’s exactly right. When I bring this up, I have brought it up so often, Dmitry, I get caustic emails from people telling me, “We know! We know! Move on! We’ve heard it!” And the reason they get mad is that they don’t see the Republicans winning even with all these Democrat losses.

I understand the anger. I’ll explain it in detail. I gotta take a break here in a minute. He’s exactly right. The Democrats, with all their hope here in one election, which even had they won, in reality, it would not have been meant anything. It would have meant everything in terms of a meme they make up. But the truth is they’re losing everywhere now.


RUSH: I almost interrupted Dmitry and told him, “Don’t say this ’cause it’s just gonna make some people in the audience mad.” Well, look, let me review this. Let’s do it where you did it. I know it’s gonna make some of you mad, but you’ve gotta remember there that there are new listeners here each and every day in this program. Our audience is expanding by leaps and bounds, and it’s reaching — you gotta figure — a whole bunch of new young demographics, folks. I mean, the original audience to this program is 30 years older than they were when they began listening, and yet this audience is as large if not larger than ever.

So beaucoup number of new people coming. Now, look, since 2010 in the midterms, the Democrat Party has been losing elections all over this country. Congressional elections, gubernatorial elections, mayor elections. If you add all of those up, they’re down over 1200 seats since 2008, including in the House. They’ve lost the Senate; they’ve lost the House; they’ve lost the White House now. They only have five states. Now, this is profound, folks. They only have five states where the governorship and the control of the state legislature is in their hands, out of 50 states (or 57, if you’re an Obamaite). That is a dramatic loss.

If you look at the Democrat Party and where it’s winning elections on a color-coded, continental the United States map, it’s the coasts, and not all the coast. It’s New York. It’s Seattle. It’s San Francisco, Los Angeles. Miami. Boston. You have Chicago in the interior. Got Seattle up there. And, strangely, quite a large bloc in, I think, it’s either Mississippi or Alabama. I’m not sure which. Folks, in terms of the square mileage of the country… Now, admittedly the population does not spread evenly out over the square mileage. But, I mean, their electoral numbers are plunging. I made a mistake when I said they’re losing everywhere.

They’re not. They’re winning in New York, and they’re winning in San Francisco and the whole state of California. But my point is that they’re in utter denial about it, total, utter denial. But his point was the media’s not reporting this. If I haven’t told you, you don’t know about it. If you haven’t heard me say it here, you don’t know how deep these losses are. ‘Cause the media just are not talking about it. At the same time, the media are not heralding all of these once-in-a-lifetime victories, but the Republican… The way to put this in perspective, the Democrat Party today has never… I mean, that’s not the correct way to put it.

You have to go back to the 1920s to find a period in American history where the Democrats had this little electoral power. Now, the reason people get mad at me when I point out this out is that they think that I am focusing on something that doesn’t matter, because there’s no sign of this. I’m acknowledging this. If you turn on the media every day, you’d swear that the Republican Party practically doesn’t exist. Whenever they do win an election, it’s because it is Russians or somebody is cheating.

You’d swear that the Democrats in Washington still run that town and run this country because the media does nothing but destroy Republicans and conservatives every day. That’s the mission. At the same time, they build up and promote liberal Democrats. So the people getting mad at me say, “You’re missing the point; you’re giving people false hope,” because even though the Democrats are losing elections, they’re not losing power. Now, to the extent that the Democrat Party is losing power, the media is not. This is why I have changed my calculus on who’s actually running the left.

It’s why I now say the Democrats are an arm of the media. But that’s why people get mad. Now, one more comment about this special election in Georgia. And I’m gonna get… This is the real message to take away from it, folks, ’cause as I see it, the Democrats are a predictable and known problem in Washington. The Democrats in the Senate, Democrats in the House are a known problem, and they are known centers of opposition. That’s not a surprise. There’s nothing in any away shocking about that. I think that with this victory last night — and it was a Republican victory last night because this means the Republicans are gonna win, keep that seat.

In the electoral sense, it’s another Democrat loss. What this is highlighting to me is that Trump’s real opposition is not really from the Democrats, because by themselves the Democrats can’t stop Trump, except in some specific instances in the Senate. Right now Donald Trump’s presidency is one of executive orders. My impression has been all along — and it was this even before Trump won — that the entire Washington establishment is opposed to Trump, including the Republican members. The establishment is not just elected people. The Washington establishment includes members of the media.

It includes all of the scholars and thinkers at the think tanks. It includes all the nonprofits. It includes the bureaucracy. And that’s all opposed to Trump. And my educated opinion has been that that establishment has been biding its time and waiting for Trump to burn out — to, in effect, collapse and cease being a legitimate source and repository of power in the executive branch. In other words, I think… You know, the Republican Party isn’t unified. You certainly have some Republicans in the House who are all-in for Trump, but you have some who aren’t.

And you have some who would really prefer, along with the Democrats and the think tanks and the media, that very little, if any, of Trump’s agenda get advanced. They don’t want a wall. They don’t want comprehensive… They don’t want Trump immigration reform. They don’t want Trump’s version of “protectionism,” as they call it. They don’t want like this populism, nationalism stuff. They prefer the globalism. They don’t want anything Trump’s talkin gabout. They would prefer that Trump bomb out. The last thing they want…

I’m talking about the establishment types, and this would include Never Trumpers in the media, Never Trumpers in the Republican Party. The last thing they want is for elements of Trump’s agenda to actually become statutory. By that I mean enacted into law via legislation. How many of you are frustrated with what happened on the repeal and replace of Obamacare and all this minutia and all the talk about the details? “Oh, we can’t repeal it unless we replace it, and we can’t…” Now tax reform. Now even the White House says, “Well, I don’t know gonna be able to get to that ’til August.”

They’re collecting record revenues! The deficit is still expanding, as is the national debt. I think at some point the Republicans are gonna have to wake up, or at least realize Trump is president. The Democrats are not going to be able to force him out, and the media isn’t, either, because every effort they undertake to get rid of him fails, like this thing in Georgia last night. Common sense tells me… Without even talking to the people I’m talking about, common sense tells me that establishment Washingtonians don’t want Trump to have success implementing anything that he ran on.

So they’ve been stalling, delaying, thinking that Trump is gonna burn out or the Democrats are gonna rebound or combined efforts to stop Trump are going to work and that they can somehow tread water for however long Trump’s in the White House to prevent and deny Trump’s agenda being statutorily implemented. And with this election last night, believe me, there are a lot of establishment Washingtonians who would have celebrated a Democrat winning that thing last night.

Do you agree with me on this, Mr. Snerdley? They would have loved it because they would have happily played along with the media narrative today that that election signaled the end of Trump, which is what many of the establishment in Washington want. And some of them are Republicans. Most all of them, Democrats, are. Some are Republicans, all the people you don’t know, these lobbying the firms, the so-called K Street class. You have elements of the bureaucracy who will do anything they can under the cloak of darkness and secrecy to stop Trump.

And that’s what we’re witnessing. That’s why you think nothing’s getting done because official Washington does not want Trumpism. They don’t want an outsider. I’ve been through this. They don’t want an outsider coming in and winning. They don’t want an outsider coming in and showing how easy it is to actually reform, change things, and get things done. They don’t want that seen at all. They don’t want anything upsetting the system they have established, which is a snail’s pace creep and crawl toward globalism. And Trump’s just this giant stop sign that’s been planted in their faces, and they’re reacting.

But as these special elections keep — they were investing in the Democrats winning in Kansas. That bombed out on ’em. They were hoping this Pajama Boy kid would win last night down in Georgia 6, anything to give them evidence that Trump has worn out his welcome with the voters, which would then give them backup for continuing to oppose Trump. But it’s not going their way. Every time there is a verdict to be rendered, Trump, slash, Republicans are winning it.

So something’s gotta give at some point. Who’s gonna cave first? Is Trump gonna cave to them and say, “You know what? Okay, you guys, if we’re to get anything done, I guess I’m gonna have to do immigration reform you’re way and I guess we’re gonna have to sign on climate change.” Or are they gonna cave? And as we get closer to 2018 and as many of them want to get reelected and then 2020, are they gonna cave? Because right now the entire Washington establishment is doing everything it can to drive a wedge between Trump voters and Trump.

They are hoping that they can make you Trump voters get tired of Trump, worn out, convinced that Trump can’t succeed. That’s what they’re hoping for with all of this stalling and all of this delaying. Because that’s all Trump has is his base supporters. That’s why they keep focusing on his approval numbers. And as they keep increasing, that makes ’em angrier. When Trump’s approval numbers plummet, they love that because that gives them confidence they can separate you Trump voters from Trump.

If they do that, in their minds, Trump’s finished, because Trump doesn’t have any support anywhere else. He doesn’t have a media faction backing him, Fox News. He doesn’t have the mainstream media. He doesn’t having think tanks. He doesn’t have a support base other than the people who voted for him. And if they can chip away at that, then that’s exactly what they’re doing. They want you blaming Trump for tax reform not getting done. They want you blaming Trump for health care not getting done.

They want you to see that it doesn’t matter, a president can’t do diddly-squat on his own, not even the all-powerful Trump. And that’s the real take-away from this election last night, how official Washington is disappointed as the Democrats are, ’cause it’s not going their way in slowing down Trump.

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