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RUSH: Yeah, it’s really getting somewhat confusing out there, in trying to keep up with what is and what isn’t. For example, earlier this morning there was a story that focused on Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House, who said, “We’re getting really, really close to getting a deal here on Obamacare,” the replace and repeal. I should say replace, repeal. They’re making it sound like, “Hey, you know, we’re getting closer! We’re gonna come back from our recess here and we’re gonna get to work and we’re very close to having a deal on health care.”

And then this afternoon the Treasury secretary, Mnuchin, has said, “We are on the verge of having a deal on tax reform.” Now, the line on that has been getting worse and worse and worse. It was originally gonna be August, and then, “Well, we’re gonna still shoot for August but we’re not sure,” and then, “We’re not.” Then it became, “I don’t think we’re gonna make it by August because we’re not gonna have health care again. And if we don’t get health care done, we don’t have the savings in there that we can then use to have tax reform.”

Now, Mnuchin says, “We are pretty close to major tax reform.” So the Trump administration is letting it be known that these two primary and huge issues are actually being worked on, and if we are to believe it, major progress is taking place. And I’m just gonna tell you… (sigh) Like, I have a story here from the… What is this? It’s the AP: “Runoff in Georgia House Race Could Test Trump, Opposition.” I am of the firm belief that the Democrats remain in huge denial, and I’ll tell you why. You know, if you understand this… It’s not so much understanding.

If you observe it, it makes sense. The media is actually two things for the Democrats and for the left. It’s the greatest ally, but at times it is a huge liability — and I say that in the sense the media lies. The media is always presenting a much rosier picture of things that people on the left — i.e., progressives, Democrats — believe, such as during the presidential campaign. They believed Hillary was gonna win in a landslide. The media told them every day. They believed Hillary was gonna win. Media polls confirmed it every day.

Every day, their old buddy Nate Silver out there, and every day Hillary was between a 73% and 95% chance of winning. Every day! And now the media is lying to them about Georgia. They’re lying to them about how it’s practically a moral victory on Tuesday for this Ossoff Pajama Boy guy, and now they’re practically guaranteeing an Ossoff victory in the runoff. So they’re creating… With these misrepresentations and these delusions, they’re creating all these expectations, when the truth is that the Democrats are losing their shirts as a party in the electoral process.

They are in dire straits. They have not had this little power, political power since the 1920s. But the media never reports that. The media never, ever reports, characterizes, or positions the Democrats as in any kind of trouble, much less as losers. And you know as well as I do that people believe what they see in the media. They believe what they see. They believe what they read, and if that’s all these readers of the New York Times see — people that watch CNN, the LA Times — what do they know? They think the American people hate Trump.

They think that everybody agrees that Trump’s a blithering idiot. They think Trump’s dangerously close to destroying the planet with nuclear warfare, and they think the Democrats are valiant and courageous and they’re on the verge of impeaching Trump and saving the day. They have a distorted view of the way things really are. It’s almost as though they’re 180 degrees out of phase. Now, I say this as a lead-in to a theory. Have you seen the turnaround in Lindsey Grahamnesty? Well, let me find the sound bite here.

Folks, are you aware that Maxine Waters, our Maxine — this glittering jewel of colossal ignorance, Maxine Waters — has become the biggest rock star in Democrat politics to Millennials? Do you know that? You may not know that. But I’m telling you, there is no bigger star in the Democrat Party today among Millennials than Maxine Waters. I’ll get to that in a jiffy, certainly before the program ends. Right now, I want to find… Yeah, sound bites 12 and 13.

Now, we don’t have any sound bites of Lindsey Graham prior to these, but you know, Lindsey Graham hated Trump. Lindsey Graham said before the election, “I would just as soon lose and my party be in the wilderness for a generation than win with Trump.” He hated Trump. He and McCain were on the warpath against Trump. They despised Trump. They couldn’t handle Trump. They couldn’t look at Trump without getting sick and throwing up. It was visceral hatred and disgust.

And now Lindsey Graham is one of the biggest fanboys of Donald Trump, ever since we launched a salvo on Bashar Assad in Syria. So our first bite… This is Fox & Friends yesterday. Ed Henry is speaking with Senator Graham. He says, “Big national security challenges out there, Senator. North Korea, Syria, now Iran under the radar last night. Secretary of state. Media narrative has been that Rex Tillerson is sort of this accidental, bumbling secretary of state. But he put together a pretty strong letter to the Iranians last night telling ’em what what-for. What’s your reaction?”

GRAHAM: I am, like, the happiest dude in America right now. We’ve got a president and a national security team that I’ve been dreaming of for eight years. So in 80 days he’s done more to correct the world, President Trump, than Obama did in eight years. We sent a letter to our good buddy, the ayatollah. “Hey, knock it off. You got this Iranian nuclear deal. You may be complying with it, but you’re also destroying the Middle East. You’re the largest state sponsor of terrorism. You captured or sailors against international law and humiliated them. You’re firing missiles in violation of U.N. missiles that even the Russians voted for. So we’re putting you on notice.”

RUSH: Tillerson sends that letter, and Lindsey Grahamnesty can’t contain himself. He is excited. It’s what he’s wanted to see for eight years. He hated Trump. Folks, I’m trying to rip him here. I’m just trying to get you to remember. He despised Trump. Now, I have a reason for all this. Hang with me. Here’s the next bite. This was like the same program, Fox & Friends, and a reporter tried to interrupt and ask a question, but Senator Graham wouldn’t have it. He just kept going.

GRAHAM: North Korea? If I were Kim Jong-um, whatever his name is, I would listen to Mike Pence. The fact that the vice president of the United States went to the DMZ, looked across the way and said, “We’re watching you. Donald Trump is not gonna let this nut job in North Korea get a missile to hit America.” And if I were North Korea and China, I’d start thinking anew about the president of the United States.

RUSH: Unbelievable. This is a turnaround the proportions of which not a single observer would have ever predicted. (interruption) What are you frowning at in there? You probably don’t think he means it. You think there’s some trick going on here, right, ’cause you…? (interruption) No, the reason I played these for you is because if this is the reaction that Lindsey Graham had, if Trump and the Republicans get their health care reform and they get it right, and then if they move on to tax reform, it is over for 2018 and 2020 for the Democrats.

It may be over for them already. They may already have cooked their goose for both these upcoming elections. But if Trump gets this done… Because remember, now, the left in this country believes the BS that they see in the media every day. They think the exact opposite. They know of not one Trump success. All they know is — and I study this. I read a bunch of Millennial blogs, and not just tech blogs. I read ’em, and you wouldn’t believe what these people think of Trump, and they think everybody agrees with them. They think the world is laughing at Trump.

They think Trump’s the biggest laughingstock, and they are embarrassed because of this. And the only thing they know… They read the New York Times, they listen to CNN or whatever. That’s it, and whatever they get on their Twitter and Facebook feed. They are not aware of anything other than the daily dose of exaggeration, disinformation, misinformation and lies courtesy of the media they trust. So if health care reform happens and then there’s actually movement on tax reform, they’re not gonna know what hit them.

The media’s gonna lie about that. The media’s gonna try to make those two accomplishments seem like nothing and that Trump bumbles and stumbled or that Trump had to compromise and everything he campaigned on he lost and the real Republicans won. It’s not gonna be pretty. But the point is, the ball is gonna be moved in ways that Obama didn’t move it in eight years. Progress, decency, economic progress, all kind of things. National security is gonna literally be markedly better. Life in America is going to dramatically improve, as evidenced there by the views of Senator Graham.

And these people not gonna know what hit ’em. Camille Paglia — who voted for Jill Stein, liked Obama — participated in an online interview with some guy named Adam Cohen from somewhere, and she was of the opinion… Drudge has a link to it. She’s out there saying the Democrats have lost 2018 and Trump’s already been reelected. They have overplayed their hand. The way they’re dealing with all this is infantile, it’s childish, it’s unrealistic. They need to grow up.

What she really means is the media. The media is… Like I say, we look at ’em and we think the media is one of the greatest opposition forces that we face, and it’s true. They are. But they’re actually doing their greatest disservice right now to their own audience, because they continue to lie to them about how bad Trump is doing, how much Trump is hated, how many people hate Trump, how big the success is the Democrats are have in avoiding and stopping Trump. They have an entirely skewed picture of what is happening.

It was prevalent throughout the 2016 campaign. Hillary is the greatest living example of what I’m talking about. Her campaign believed everything written about it, everything broadcast about them. The media just lied through its teeth about how great Hillary’s campaign machine was, how great she was, how great a campaigner she was, how much they were creaming Trump. All of it. None of it true. Now, the letter that was sent to the Iranians — our “old buddy, the ayatollah,” as Lindsey Graham said.

He’s so proud of that letter. We sent a letter to ’em telling ’em what is and what not gonna be and that they’re violating this and we’re watching. The same thing with North Korea. From CNN: “The Trump administration ratcheted up the rhetoric on Iran Wednesday, declaring the international deal to restrain Tehran’s nuclear program had failed and that Iran continues to be ‘the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism.’ The nuclear deal forged by [Obama] ‘completely ignored all of the other serious threats that Iran poses,’ Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said from the department’s ornate Treaty Room.”

Did you ever hear the State Department Treaty Room or the White House Treaty Room described as “ornate” during the Obama years? Well, here’s the thing, folks. The AP, CNN, all these people are trying to make you think that Trump is talking tough and he’s huffing and puffing, but he’s not doing anything. He’s leaving Iran policy in place because everybody knows Obama was brilliant, and everybody knows Obama’s Iran deal was just the best, and there was no reason to tear it apart.

So what Trump is trying to do is criticize Obama’s deal and making it look like he’s gonna tear it up. But he won’t because it’s so, so brilliant. And that’s not he an accurate portrayal of what’s going on. One of the characteristics here, is there’s an actual contractual agreement. It’s not really a treaty. Trump honors contracts. So in that sense, yeah. But there’s much more to this than CNN and the AP want to say. Trump’s not caving to anything, and he’s not gonna maintain Obama’s deal and he’s not trusting it and he’s not thinking it’s the best.

He is sounding a new warning bell. But here’s the observation I have about this. Did you ever notice that there is never a comparison between Obama’s deal to get Syria to get rid of its WMD and Obama’s deal to get Iran to give up the pursuit of nukes? Now, why is that comparison important? Well, I’ll tell you why. Because we have now been told — it’s now been admitted by Obama administration people — that they knew that Assad was not getting rid of his WMD. Obama had commanded him to do it. The great Obama had spoken!

Assad grew cowardly and fearful of Obama’s red line and said, “Okay, okay! I’ll get rid of them all! I’ll get rid of weapons of mass destruction,” and Obama went out, started bragging and puffing out his little chest about how evil Assad had backed down and gotten rid of all the weapons of mass destruction. But he didn’t. They lied to Obama, and Obama accepted it. Obama didn’t care. As long as the world thought that the Syrians were afraid of Obama, as long as the world thought that Assad had gotten rid of nukes and the WMD, no big deal.

The point is, Obama lies about what a great deal it is, but Assad didn’t abide by it.

So why doesn’t somebody raise the same concerns about Obama’s Iran deal? Why on the one hand, “Well, that Iran deal? That’s unshakable! The Iranians agree to it totally.” But wait a minute, the Syria deal was smoke and mirrors. We were lied to about that. Doesn’t it stand to reason that Obama and his buddies are not telling us the truth about the Iranian deal, too? But you notice how to the media, the Iran deal is sacrosanct, just like they told us Syria deal was until we found out that we’d been lied to.

We’ve been lied to about both. The Iranian deal is just as phony and just as bad as Obama’s Syria deal, and Trump knows it and Tillerson knows it and we’re about to fix it.

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