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RUSH: I knew it! I knew there was gonna be email outrage. When I said that it was not a good thing that more women now have college degrees than men, I knew there was gonna be blowback, and you know why there’s blowback? Because everybody’s been taught to look at men and women as competitive in the sense that men have been predatory and they have been discriminating and men have been denying women. They’ve been discriminating against women forever, and now women are getting even!

That’s not… A, that’s not true; B, it’s irrelevant. It has nothing to do with whether or not it’s good or bad that more women have college degrees than men. If you care to find out why — if you really do — I’ll get into it sometime later. I’m not gonna do it right now, but the answers are just so simple. And I will admit going in: If I think I got blowback now, I’m gonna get even more blowback when I give you the reasons why. But if you could just stop looking at things the way the left wants you to, the left wants you to.

We’re at war with each other in everything: black versus white, male versus female, gay versus straight, transgender versus whoever, young versus old, American versus Mexican, American versus Russian, Democrat versus Republican, conservative verses liberal. Everything! The left pits every group of people against each other because the left needs victims, and the left wants to assign as many people as possible to victim status — and the biggest group of victims the left could ever hope to amass is women.

They’ve tried it by telling as many women as possible that life is horrible because of men. And so people that buy into that take women’s studies and start thinking that men and patriarchy are the problem think it’s great news. “Finally! It’s about time women are smarter and more educated men. It’s the way it should have. Men need to pay for what they’ve done.” It’s the wrong way it to look at this because it has nothing to do with reality and it certainly has nothing to do with a peaceful, productive future. But that’s how the left wants everybody to behave. The left wants everybody to be on edge and at the verge and edge of chaos each and every day.

They want as many people resenting and disliking other people as they can get. Because in that mess, there’s always a bunch of discriminated-against victims who are always going to need redress. The politics of grievance is a big, big thing for the left. The Democrat Party loves it. They get to use the power of government to “fix” all this. How? By punishing the transgressors, whoever they are! Be they Christians, be they men, be they straights, be they whoever. It’s an instant, made-to-order opportunity to attack people the left hates — and that would be anybody they think is in the majority in anything.

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