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RUSH: We got polling data from the Washington Post that everybody’s — not everybody, a lot of people are — missing the lead in this poll. The Washington Post wants you to think that Trump’s approval numbers are tanking and everything’s going south, and the big news is that, if the election were held again, Trump would win again. And Hillary would lose again. And a greater number of people are upset and think the Democrat Party’s out of touch than think the Republican Party’s out of touch. But you have to dig deep in the Washington Post or ABC News stories to get it. So we’ll get into that.

Democrat Party’s Crazy Bernie says the model isn’t working, we need to do it over. Tom Perez, the new chairman, DNC, running around cussing every fourth or fifth word. The Democrats had a pro-Democrat rally under the guise of science over the weekend. We’re gonna get into everything.


RUSH: I just want to add one little tidbit to the Washington Post/ABC News poll that they ran on Trump and the election and what would happen if you do it again. In the rerun, if the election were held today, not only would Trump win 43 to 40 or 46 to 30, one of the two. Trump would win the popular vote, if the election were held today.

And this book on the Hillary campaign, folks, it is so bad, this campaign and this candidate and the Clintons, it is so bad, even New York magazines are begging the Clintons to just take Chelsea home and go away.


RUSH: Now, to the polling data on Trump, because the Drive-Bys are going just gaga over this, and there’s things in it that actually are very depressing and disappointing to them. For example, Washington Post poll. You have to dig deep to find this. They do not highlight it. It’s an ABC News/Washington Post poll. The Washington Post doesn’t highlight this. The ABC reporting doesn’t highlight this. What they’re claiming that their poll shows is that Donald Trump is the least popular president in modern times. That’s the lead, that’s the focus.

Trump’s approval number all-time low, modern times, new president, end of hundred-day honeymoon, blah, blah, blah. You have to read all the way to the second-to-last paragraph to learn that Donald Trump, with the lowest approval ratings and the highest unpopularity in the modern era, would still beat Hillary Clinton if the election were held today. And not just the Electoral College, he would win the popular vote.

Second-to-last paragraph of a long story that had shown that Clinton would still lose despite high disapproval ratings and problems with his first 100 days, detailed by the paper. It says the new survey finds 46% saying they voted for Clinton, 43% said they voted for Trump. And that might be fairly close to accurate if you acknowledge that these polling results represent the popular vote back in November. And that’s similar to Hillary’s two-point national vote margin in the actual election.

These same respondents, it was 1,004 people, “Asked how they would vote if the election were held today, 43 say they would support Trump and 40 percent say Clinton.” Jonathan Karl of ABC News was so disturbed by this that he tweeted, “According to our poll among 2016 voters, Trump would beat Hillary in a rematch in the popular vote, no less.” They can’t believe it. You know why they can’t? They think they’re this close to destroying Trump.

Look at what they’ve done. Look at the multibillions of dollars arrayed against Trump every day in the form of news coverage. If the Democrat Party had to go buy the amount of negative reporting on Donald Trump, it would reach into the tens of billions of dollars. A full 93% of reporting in the Drive-By Media has been unfavorable to Trump, and still he would trounce Hillary again if the election were held today.

Here’s another thing buried in this poll that you have to dig deep to find. Sixty-seven percent of Americans say the Democrat Party is out of touch with their concerns. You remember in 2012, the exit poll from that election, five o’clock, the five o’clock wave, when I saw that, I knew it was over. There was a question on the exit poll of voters and it was something along the lines of, “Cares about people like me.” Obama won that 89 to 11 over Romney. And then I saw another question that 60% still blame Bush for the economy, and I knew it was over.

Well, this is quite a plunge. When you have in 2012 people acknowledging that the Democrat Party is in touch with them and understands their needs and cares about people like them to now 67% think the Democrat Party’s out of touch. The Republican Party it’s around 53, don’t misunderstand. Both parties are in the 30’s in terms of in touch, care about me. But the Democrat Party’s where the gigantic plunge has taken place here. Sixty-seven percent say the Democrats are out of touch with their concerns. And again you have to dig deep to find this.

In the same poll: “New polls show low approval numbers for Trump but almost no regrets among his voters. Despite all the questions about whether many of Trump’s voters have buyer’s remorse, only 2% of the people that said they voted for the president regret their decision.” You know how you know this is true? If there were even some regret, that’s all we’d be seeing in the media. Every panel show in primetime on MSNBC and CNN would feature panels of disappointed, angry Trump voters. They can’t find ’em. Only 2% have any regrets. Remember, this is the group of people that continues to prop Trump up.

By the way, Trump gave — I was shocked when I saw this — he sat down with Julie Pace, who is the commie babe reporter from the AP. He sat down in an expansive interview, a long interview with her. And you know what, when you read these things — you know, I’ve always said, and I’ve always told people that you just need to know how to listen to Trump. I do. There is nobody in American media who understands Donald Trump and can explain Donald Trump better than your host, the Maha Rushie.

And I’m telling you, he gives — like she thought she was nailing him on a question about the Chinese no longer being currency manipulators. She really thought she was gonna expose him as a hypocrite and saying things he doesn’t mean. So she raises the question, “How come the Chinese are not currency manipulators? I mean, two weeks ago they were horrible. All during your campaign they were horrible. Now you’re saying they are not currency manipulators?”

And his answer just blows her out of the water. And it’s exactly what I told you his answer would be last week. And the interview is filled with thingsm when you read it, this is pretty smart. This is actually very clever. And you get the impression that in this case Julie Pace is unable to keep up. And I think this is what Trump voters and supporters instinctively know about the guy. They respect what they consider to be his intelligence. They respect what they consider to be his devotion to them and what he believes.

You know, Trump is in a little bit of trouble. He talked to an International Space Station female astronaut, and she mentioned to him that they’re working on a process to transform urine into pure drinking water. And Trump said, “Well, better you than me.” And the Twittersphere is just outraged at Trump insensitivity and mean-spiritedness and reluctance to encourage her in — and he was telling a joke! And they don’t get it. When it comes to a sense of humor, they don’t have one.


RUSH: We start on the phones in Dodge, Nevada. This is David. It’s great to have you. You’re up first today, sir. How you doing?

CALLER: Thank you for taking my call, Rush. It’s always a great day when I get to speak to Mr. Snerdley and even better when I get to speak to you.

RUSH: Thank you, sir, very much.

CALLER: All these approval and disapproval polls are a joke because if you say you approve of something, you’re in that group, group A, there’s no variance, you know, within limits. When you say you disapprove of Congress, of a president, of whatever, you may disapprove of them because they’re doing too much, doing things you don’t want done, or you may disapprove because they’re not doing enough. They’re not going fast enough with the things you want. They can take a 40% group that says they approve and a 30% the group that disapproves because they don’t like the guy, but the 30% group that disapproves because he’s not going fast enough, and make it look like 60% disapprove.

RUSH: This is actually very shrewd. This is actually very perceptive. And this is actually a very, very good point, David. And I’ll tell you why it matters. ‘Cause I think in the case of Trump, the media does, as he says, disapproval equals dislike. Disapproval equals regret I voted for the guy, disapproval, that’s what they want you to mean. But you know, I know there are people who are not happy with Trump ’cause he’s not moving fast enough on things.

There are people who expected tax reform and Obamacare to be well on the road to being completed by now. There are people who thought that we’d be further along down the line on building the wall and immigration. I’m not suggesting anything other than his point is correct, that disapproval doesn’t mean opposition and dislike. It can also mean that people wish the guy were doing more. And I think in Trump’s case, that is highly relevant. I’m glad you called. Thanks much.


RUSH: Now the Democrat Party’s trying to revitalize, trying to reorganize itself. Dick Durbin and Chuck Schumer and out there, and Tom Perez are now saying there is no home in the Democrat Party for pro-life Democrats. You know, 28% of Democrats in polls say they’re pro-life, and the current Democrat leadership is saying, “Stay away. You don’t have a home here. We have no room in the Democrat Party for pro-life. The law is pro-abortion, and we always stand for the law, and if you are pro-life, you cannot be a Democrat today.”

They’re honestly saying this, and proudly. And the only guy who gets the fact that they are in deep trouble and have a losing model is Bernie Sanders. Well, I take it back. Bernie Sanders and Keith Ellison are both on the same page. And I’m gonna tell you who’s gonna hasten this collapse. Contrary to every ounce of conventional wisdom out there, it’s gonna be Donald Trump that hastens the collapse of these lunatics.

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