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RUSH: You want another example of the media lying to people? Have you heard what’s going on in Venezuela? Let me tell you just briefly. Venezuela, as you know, a totally socialist country that was run into the ground by Hugo Chavez and his successor. Despite being an oil-rich country, they are flat broke. It’s worse than the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union didn’t have food in the grocery stores, on the shelves.

Get this. The average Venezuelan has lost 20 pounds this year because of starvation. They simply can’t get food. MSNBC said that they are losing weight because an oil company there donated half a million dollars to Trump and people are outraged. I know you’re thinking, “What? What? What, Rush? What?” Yep. That essentially is it, $500,000 that could have gone to feeding the people of Venezuela instead went to a campaign donation to Donald Trump. It is socialism that fails everywhere. Venezuela happens to be the latest postmarked case of it, and the left is in total denial.

Remember all the Hollywood actors, Sean Penn and these other clowns would go down there and shake hands with Chavez? Nobody could understand it, and you can’t now. And that’s an example of the Drive-By Media lying to people in this country that renders them angry and unhinged.

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