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RUSH: Climate change. It just starts as a premise, with no science behind it whatsoever. And it builds and builds. The first Earth Day was when, in 1970 or some odd, based on Paul Ehrlich’s totally disproven book, The Population Bomb.

Now, I got a story in the Stack of Stuff here today about climate change. These media people that live in their bubbles that engage in groupthink, they don’t even question it. They don’t even question whether it’s true or not. They accept it because of the credibility of those who make the claim, all their buddies, political allies, it must be true, it’s part of the agenda. The story talks about, you know, what? There may be a really nice benefit to global warming, ’cause global warming is presented as an absolute disaster. It’s gonna be devastating. Ooh, ooh, ooh, so that’s why we must do everything we can to stop it.

Well, there isn’t any. There isn’t any man-made climate change. It can’t be proven, it has not been established, there is no science on it, settled or otherwise. It has never once been established that man has a damn thing to do with the climate, the weather, the temperature, what have you. And the proof is that we can’t stop any kind of weather. We’re causing it, apparently. If that’s true, then why can’t we stop it? Tornado coming, why can’t we go out there like Fidel Castro does and stand up to it, put our arm out and say, “Not here. Not here. You will hit Georgia.”

And why doesn’t it turn to Georgia and go destroy them? Why does it come right at us and kill us, while we’re out there standing — we can’t stop it. Same thing with a hurricane. What it takes to advance movements like this is absolute empty-headed total believers, nonthinkers, fraudulently educated. Arrogant fools are necessary to keep narratives like this alive.

And the mistake we make, like in climate change, a mistake we’ve made from the beginning in fighting it is to fight it on the science. There isn’t any! They make it up. Tree rings, ice cores, whatever it is, hockey stick, preordained paleocentric period. “No, the preordained paleocentric period, according to our research –” we’ve lost everybody. It’s a political argument they’re having. We made the mistake of fighting the science, when there isn’t any.


RUSH: The University of Alabama at Huntsville, our official climatologist, Dr. Roy Spencer is there. Now, they just had — not at UAH. There was this giant so-called march for science over the weekend. It was totally, entirely bogus. There’s no march for science. Science doesn’t need a march. You don’t need to campaign for science.

This was a march of the uber-left. This was a march for liberalism. This was a march to promote the left and whatever it is. They wanted to target science, it’s Earth Day, and they want everybody to believe that science is behind their beliefs on climate change.

Well, anyway, an office housing Dr. John Christy, who’s been doing great work, scientific work refuting climate change, the building where his office is was shot up seven times after the march. Officials at the University of Alabama Huntsville, “There’s nothing to see here. This was purely random activity. We don’t think it could have had anything to do with the march for science.” Really?

Seven shots in a building housing Dr. John Christy (interruption) No, I think Dr. Spencer’s office is in a different area of the university. But Christy is one of the lead figures in the scientific community opposing this silly left-wing notion of climate change. And if the university — I mean, if you can go in and shoot up a building at the university where anti-climate change research is taking place, and nobody wants to say what it really is, “Oh, it’s just random, nothing to see here.” That’s scary stuff, if you work in that building.

You want to talk about intimation, that’s scary, scary stuff. And then if you find out you’re all alone and isolated, what’s the point, you might start asking yourself. Why do I want to get shot at? He wasn’t in the office, I don’t think. That’s not the point. But come home and find your house shot up full of holes after a protest march and see if you’re just thinking, “Ah, it’s nothing to see here.”


RUSH: This is a pure fantasy. This is pure fantasy. There is nothing of substance here. The headline alone: “Al Gore’s New Group Demands $15 Trillion To Fight Global Warming.” Fifteen trillion to fight global warming.

Now, in a sane world this would constitute such extreme overreach that the person behind this request or claim would be forever discredited. Fifteen trillion to fight climate change? The U.S. national debt is $19 trillion. Now, Algore and his group — by the way, who is Algore’s group? Well, it says here they’re a group of executives, as in CEOs who want to fight global warming, “has published a new report calling for countries to spend up to $600 billion a year over the next two decades to boost green energy deployment and energy efficiency equipment.”

Six hundred billion a year. This is multiple countries spending $600 billion a year for 20 years, total $15 trillion. Not companies. Countries. Algore and his group are asking the governments of the world to give him $15 trillion, him and his group. That’s what they’re asking for. They’re making no bones about it. Give us 15 trill. Yeah, what are you gonna do with it? “Well, we’re gonna fight climate change.” How you gonna do that? “Well, we’re gonna invest in all kinds of new technology, deploy solar panels and we’re gonna do electric cars and we’re gonna have windmills and whatever the hell else is green energy.”

Do you realize the solar panel industry itself, you want to talk about fraud. The amount of energy that is created, produced by solar panels is so tiny, it’s immeasurable, and if you have a cloudy day, you’re stuck. I look at Apple, and I know Algore’s on the board out there and they’ve got a social justice warrior for CEO. And they’ve got as one of their executives Obama’s former EPA director, Lisa Jackson, and they’re building that giant new spaceship campus out there. And on the roof of every building in this complex is solar panels. And I’m here to tell you that the vast majority of that is image and marketing.

It is to convince young Millennials and anybody else that Apple is leading the way on clean energy. But if you look very carefully at the drone flyovers, you’ll find conventional HVAC equipment hidden on the rooftops of these buildings. Now, Apple is saying that their design is so state-of-the-art that they don’t need air-conditioning and heating for a vast majority of the year. Ha-ha. Yeah, right. That’s what they’re saying. And nobody’s gonna ever know. Nobody will know how much the solar panels actually create and produce. Nobody’s gonna ever know. Apple is trying to benefit here from as many left-wing-oriented enterprises do.

Do you know what happens when a solar panel wears out? Do you have any idea how large these things are? Do you know what disposing them consists of? Do you know the absolute mess, the polluted mess getting rid of a bunch of them? How come the solar industry, despite massive expenditures like this and like Apple’s big building out there and all these government subsidies and programs, why isn’t the solar industry profitable?

Does anybody ask that? Despite the subsidies, despite — I mean, look at all the solar and wind energy that Obama invested in, subsidized to different companies. Most of them are bankrupt now and out of business. By design. They were nothing more than disguised contribution paybacks. These people all donated to Obama and coming up with federal money to invest in their solar industry like Solyndra. It’s just a way to give some of the money back as payback. They’re all out of business now. Why isn’t there any profit in solar and windmills?

I mean, this is one of the biggest scams. But, man, it works because it gets right to the heart of young Millennials. And all they need, all Millennials need is the belief that an entity, a company, an individual, is trying and is committed to saving the planet. Whether it works or not doesn’t matter a hill of beans, because remember, nothing is authentic anymore. And there is no authority that’s respected, so all that matters is the image that you can create for yourself. And the marketing in which you can engage that tells your story, which is your commitment to saving the planet.

Like all of liberalism, you don’t have to do anything. You don’t have to make one ounce of progress to actually saving anything. You just have to convince people that you’re trying, and they love you, and they think you are perfect. And then somebody like me comes along and tries to tell the truth about it, and I am demonized and ripped to shreds at having no soul and having no heart, having no compassion, and having no concern. And all I am is trying to ensure that people do not fall for scam after scam after scam and lie after lie after lie because the more people that fall for these things, the bigger the government’s gonna get.

The more people fall for this, the more freedom you’re gonna sacrifice to government under the premise that your freedom is what’s caused the problem. Your freedom to buy the car you want to buy. Your freedom to set your thermostat where you want to set it. Your freedom to eat whatever you want to eat, all of these freedoms have led to this crisis. And you must be dialed back. And if you dial back on your own, we will reward you and provide for you redemption from the sins you have committed against the planet.

And people suck that up and buy into that faster than you can say, “You’re being scammed.” And that’s what all this is, $15 trillion. And Gore’s group even has a name: the Energy Transitions Commission. “The Energy Transitions Commission’s (ETC) report claims ‘additional investments of around $300-$600 billion per annum do not pose a major macroeconomic challenge’ … ETC is made up of energy executives, activist leaders and investment bankers, including former Vice President Al Gore, who would no doubt get a piece of the trillions of dollars they are calling for.”

So what do you have here? You have an association of energy executives, activist leaders, investment bankers, doing what? Asking governments all over the world to give them money, ostensibly to fight global warming. Not fix it, not stop it, not solve it. Because, of course, we can’t do that, because we aren’t causing it. But the image and the marketing of a bunch of green-hearted executives and bankers who already have what kind of an image? Bankers, yuk, you’re raping us blind, you thieves. Executives, CEOs. Yeah, look at all the money you make, and you don’t pay your employees. You’re a bunch of scrum, too.

And what are they doing? They’re trying to save the planet. Oh, what a brilliant ploy to change the way they are perceived. And they’ll do it for as little as $15 trillion. So divide 15 trillion by 20 years, and that’s what these clowns want as a guaranteed income from the government. All they gotta do is deploy some solar panels here, maybe work with Elon Musk and devise a new electric car that uses coal to power itself and the battery charges up, and you’re home free.


RUSH: Kelly up in Midland, Michigan. Great to have you. How you doing, sir?

CALLER: It’s actually a girl, but that’s okay. I’m doing great, Rush. It’s a pleasure to speak with you.

RUSH: Thank you. I’m sorry about that, by the way.

CALLER: Oh, that’s more than fine. What I wanted to talk to you about, because of the solar discussion you were having, is Midland is the birthplace of Dow Chemical and Corning, and about five years ago the government gave Dow almost $2 billion to create a solar shingle plant. And supposedly in two years the shingles were gonna be available in all 50 states and in five years all over the world.

RUSH: Solar shingles.


RUSH: (laughing)

CALLER: See? And nobody is talking about this. My husband got a job there, supposed to be this dream job, a lifetime career job, and he actually really, really liked it. They’re already done. They closed this brand new $2 billion investment of our money, and in one day, 746 people lost their jobs.

RUSH: Right. And why? Because the solar shingles didn’t work.

CALLER: They don’t sell. Exactly. And the two years that they predicted they’d be in the 50 states, they were actually available in four.

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: And they were all out west.

RUSH: Solyndra said the same thing when they got the subsidies.

CALLER: So yes, exactly.

RUSH: Well, Kelly, thanks for the call. I appreciate it. How many of you have, for your phone, have a battery case that you put it in? Do you know they sell these things, some of them, Mophie makes ’em. Mophies are great. Anchor makes some. There’s a bunch of people that make these battery cases. You plug your phone into them, you charge your battery case, it gives you an additional day’s worth of juice if you have a phone that doesn’t get you through a whole day.

Well, as a gimmick some Japanese outfit created one of these battery cases and the whole back of it was a solar panel. And it was designed to charge your phone, and you would never have to plug in the battery case to charge it. So I went out and I got one. I ordered it. Yeah, I didn’t fall for it; I wanted to establish that the thing would not work.

And I took it with me on one of our vacations to Hawaii, and I left it out. I let it run down, out of power totally. I plugged in and I charged it, and I used it to keep the phone charged. And when the battery case died, I just put it outside for three days running without touching it in the sunlight, brought it inside at night, put it back — there wasn’t one amp of power that ended up — I think the thing was a scam. I think it was a cheap knock-off scam.

But the point is the whole back of it was a solar panel and it was sold as revolutionary. It was not sold as something that would totally power the battery case. It was a supplemental. If you had it on the phone, you were using it when it was outdoors, it would keep your charge at current levels and maybe add a little bit. It didn’t do any of that. And I don’t even know if it was a real solar panel in there, but it was advertised as such. All I know is that if all you have to power your house is a solar panel or two, if the whole roof is solar panels, you’re screwed. You are totally screwed.

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