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RUSH: Well, the Democrat National Committee’s Deputy Chairman is doing what the rest of the party won’t. Minnesota Democrat Keith Ellison is putting the blame for Democrat losses at the feet of Barack Obama.

Now, first, Ellison had to kiss the ring, claiming to be a big fan of Obama. But then Ellison laid into him for the statehouse seats, governorships, and other losses that have wrecked the Democrat Party. Ellison says the losses — which are over a thousand seats — threaten the Obama legacy, and Obama “can’t say he wasn’t a part of those losses.”

Now, Ellison wasn’t finished, either. He criticized Obama for not being a good party leader. He pointed out that in 2010 – a redistricting year – that Obama should have campaigned vigorously, but he was barely visible. And in 2014, again Obama was nowhere to be found; Democrats had record low turnout. “He’s great at getting himself elected,” Ellison said, but not so great at working closely with Congress. Or raising money for state races.

That’s all true, Mr. Ellison. But since you’re pointing fingers, here’s a finger for you: If any other president had been as self-serving as Obama, you Democrats would have let him have it. At the time. Not later, once he was out of power.

But, nooo! For eight years, you protected Obama from any and all criticism.

And we all know why. You, Mr. Ellison, are just as much to blame as Obama.

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