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RUSH: A federal judge has barged into the “Sanctuary City” issue. U.S. District Judge William “Vacuum Cleaner” Orrick blocked President Trump’s Executive Order, which simply promised to enforce existing law. That’s all it did! It’s a law signed in 1996 by Bill Clinton. It withholds certain federal funds from cities that flout federal immigration law.

Judge Vacuum Cleaner had to invent a “legal” reason to block Trump’s order. He agreed with San Francisco and other jurisdictions, that the mere threat to enforce this law is causing stress. This constitutes immediate “irreparable harm.” So, the judge concocted a new violation: “creating pre-enactment anxiety.”

The ruling applies nationwide. Pending appeal.

So. One un-elected federal judge – an Obama appointee and donor – basically just overrode existing law. He overturned the election results. He overruled the executive branch and Congress. These are supposed to be co-equal branches of government, not underlings of the court. Judge Orrick – not Trump – is the one acting dictatorially.

The left’s gloating started immediately. James Williams, the lawyer representing Santa Clara County, told CNN it‘s a “huge win.” He said, “The threat to withhold funds from state and local governments” in Trump’s executive order “is dead.”

No. It will be appealed. What’s dying in America is the rule of law. If liberal lawmakers don’t like certain laws – or election results – they just ignore them, and activist judges jump right in to assist. To hell with the Constitution! It doesn’t matter when we’re trying to save ourselves from that dastardly Trump.

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