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RUSH: Now, my friends, we know that there is stupidity running rampant throughout this country. We know it instinctively. We know it directly, ’cause we encounter it. We see it. But some days it’s just a little bit more predominant than others.

Try this. This is from the Washington Free Beacon. I didn’t see this, ’cause I don’t watch MSNBC, but the headline is Celebrity Chef on MSNBC: “There’s No Legal Way For Immigrants To Actually Enter This Country.” Okay, so let’s read the opening paragraph.

“Celebrity chef Tom Colicchio claimed on MSNBC during a discussion of food policy –” Food policy. They were having a discussion on MSNBC on food policy. What is food policy? Now, I can understand agriculture policy. Don’t misunderstand. But what is this food policy business? Is there now food shaming? Is there now food fear, go to bed each night fearful that you’re gonna get hungry before you wake up? The left invents all these things.

So they were talking about food policy with a celebrity chef, and the celebrity chef said that it’s just a shame, this country, we’re so lacking and we’re so backward, “There’s no legal way for immigrants to actually enter the country.” What do you think the guy means? What do you think this guy actually means?

He’s obviously a product of daily mainstream media, and the narrative in the mainstream media every day is this country has a lot of people that are mean-spirited and hateful, and they’re bigoted and they’re racists ’cause they don’t want anybody coming to America. And, if they’re here, and if they come here illegally, we’re gonna throw ’em out, we’re gonna deport ’em, and we, therefore, are very mean people.

So they’re talking about food policy, and that’s the narrative that goes ricocheting around this guy’s head, and then he says, “Yeah, there’s no legal way for immigrants to actually enter the country,” as though the very fact that they’re illegal immigrants means we have a problem as a country.

Now, the ignorance of celebrities has to be unlimited because the truth of the matter is the United States has the most generous immigration policy of any nation on earth, and it isn’t even close. What do you mean, there is no legal way for immigrants to actually enter the country? What he means is — and it’s even funnier — there’s no legal way for illegals to come here and stay. And that means that we are rotten people. That means that we have a rotten country.

What else could he mean? Because we most certainly do have legal mechanisms for immigrants to come here and become citizens, temporary work visas. There are any number of ways. (interruption) He might think Trump has shut — no, no, no, no. Okay. You think this guy, who is an expert on food policy, might think Trump has shut down all immigration? I guess it’s possible, given the reporting on Trump. I guess it is.

Now, the host of this enlightening discussion on MSNBC was somebody named Ali Velshi. Ali Velshi used to be at CNN, but now he’s over at PMSNBC. He brought up the topic of immigrants who are seeking a better life through work in the food industry. A-ha. So now we’re getting closer to understanding what food policy is.

So Ali Velshi, bringing up the topic of immigrants who are seeking a better life through work in the food industry, asked the celebrity chef about “the relevance of immigration to the restaurant business.” And the celebrity chef pointed out that his fellow panelist, another celebrity chef, José Andrés, was an immigrant who “came to this country and just worked night and day, became a business owner and employs people now.”

So he said, “We need to welcome immigrants to our country. And that’s the problem right now, is we can look at a broken immigration system, and you can look at illegal immigration. Well, there’s no legal way for immigrants to actually enter this country.”

Good Lord, folks, what…? (laughing) I mean, all you can do is just laugh and understand, “Okay. This is occurring at MSNBC in the leftist sphere, and these people think they’re right.”

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